Can someone tell me of my spirit guides/angels/people whoarewith me, guiding me?

  • I'd appreciate it.

    I've been told that the divine is with me.

    If needed my birthday is February 19th, 1994

    Born in Memphis, TN 11:14 AM


  • Dear Melissa,

    Yes, indeed you have divine guides and angels from the day of birth as we all do. You are a Pisces and will be blessed with extraordinary intutition if you wish to use it. You may already be experienceing some of it through dreams or just feelings of knowing what someone will do or say. Your 6thsense will tell you and help you in wonderful ways in years to come as you just may be the next Sylvia Brown. (World Reknown Psychic)

  • Thank you very much Shuabby.


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