MsSunny,,only when you have some time:)

  • Hi MsSunny, I know you have probably heard this but I am going to say it anyways 🙂

    I have read quite a few of your discussions and they are straight from the heart...Thats what I am needing from you at this time in my life...I also know "TIME" is what you might not have, so I will sit on my hands...LOL.

    If you are overloaded, i will understand.

    Okay, I will get to the point.

    Me: sheila Augut 10,1960

    Born in Vancouver Canada at 5am

    Partner: P, December 20,1959

    Born in Vancouver Canada at 8am

    I was not sure if you needed the times of birth so i added them just encase.

    I am wanting to see if you can read the changes that are taking place in our relationship of

    "one year and 7 months

    "Thanks alot MsSunny' I trully appreciate all the time to put into all of us.


    Peace,Light and Love

  • "you"not to:)

  • Hi, I got your message.. I will get back to you shortly..

    the changes you are going through are necessary for your growth, and his maturity needs developing. a match of spiritually? are you wanting or asking him to take on more of your interests or needs? he is working on it. 🙂

    I will get to you soon.. in the meantime.. smile.


  • Sorry Sunny,I told you I would sit on my hands:)

    But I thought this was important to your reading..

    I have a daughter who is almost 11 and her daddy passed away.

    My Daughter: Krista Februarry 22,2000

    Born Mission,canada

    9:27 pm

    Thanks again Sunny


  • well, not sure what kind of changes you are wanting to know. but from what is shown here, is that P is focusing on current work changes. seems that he has been looking forward to getting back to being busy. perhaps things were lacking in productivity. things should be picking up for him on the financial front.

    on the romantic front, he is non-committed, and a bit weary of having the same conversation. he does not know how to explain anymore than he already has. I do see that the 2 of you do have high expectations of each other. you maybe more discipline than he is. he can jump into the frying pan when it comes to certain risks, like bet on the horse races, or play poker. but when it comes to matters of the heart he remains committed to himself.

    you want to share more with him, and it's not possible to get what you want as inn commitment to you. it's going to be a really slow progress. you could call it a work in progress. lol

    there needs to be more love or emotions conveyed, and looks too much is hidden on his side. he cares for you more than he willing to show you. he does lack trust, and that comes from his past relationship(s).

    you appear to be restless, and at this point you will need to accept the change that has taken place. he tries really hard to listen and understand your needs, and you feel he is not doing a good job communicating his needs to you.

    in time he will be more loving and open towards you, and be best to change your tune to being more patient, and to give him a chance to change. not going to happen overnight.

    let go, and the less talk in this matter is better. less is more.

    at least for now..


  • Sunny, BAMMMMMMM,

    thank you,for your time and energy.I am truly grateful

    You are so right on everything even including me:) Especially the part below,the ball is in his court now, i am leaving the conversation alone and I will continue my journey I am on 🙂

    (Financially he is a very smart man) (lets just say he does not spend his money foolishly unless he absolutely needs to:)

    on the romantic front, he is non-committed, and a bit weary of having the same conversation. he does not know how to explain anymore than he already has. I do see that the 2 of you do have high expectations of each other. you maybe more discipline than he is. he can jump into the frying pan when it comes to certain risks, like bet on the horse races, or play poker. but when it comes to matters of the heart he remains committed to himself. an extra bammmmm

    Namaste Ms Sunny


    peace,Light and Love

  • Hi

    thanks for the feedback. I appreciate you taking the time. I do feel P your BF is not interested in ending things at all. but not motivated to step up.

    it could be a few more years before he decides to commit for the long haul.. the thing of it is.. you tend to get impatient because you look for signs.

    you could start a game with him. a playful sexy game. leave little notes in odd places, like his regular jeans pockets. if you get the idea?

    I saw your post on your daughter, and I am sorry her daddy is gone now. I really did not pick up on anything there. although, I did see a bouquet of daisies


  • s e x y games

  • Well, Sunny P is not to interested, we have discussed this because being a woman we tend to feel we are not attractive to them enough in that way, he had one long term relationship and that was only 6 months..He still lives at home but separate suite...Discussed that also hehe...

    The Europeans seem to stay close to home but I don't understand it..I had a talk with him last night an i told him that i was not going to pressure him anymore...and that i was sorry if it made him uncomfortable.He told me right from the beginning he would never marry, I except that one but can I except anything else, well time will tell.

    About the Daisey's i have to thing about that one..

    Thanks again Sunny



  • you are right, eurpeans do stay close to home. it's a culture thing. Italian men do not leave home until they marry. even if they are 40 years old.

    I think you will feel a lot better not pressuring him anymore about it. I know of a lady who waited 10 years before her guy would commit. now that is a long time..

    Best wishes, Sunny

  • Hi Sunny AKA shatz,

    Sorry its been awhile, I have been thinking about the Daisey's and I remember that if you right a letter to someone who has passed or talk about them, then you will see flowers, that means the message from them is that they are okay..I really wracked my brain around this and i was going to let you know the Daisey's didn't mean any thing then SHAZAM,then that just popped into my head..Wow.Lots of aha moments for me since our last post. I had a talk with "P" BF and told him I needed sometime to make absolutely sure this is the future or not future I want for me...One thing with us we can communicate though it takes him sometime to think about the answers so i don't blah,blah blah, to him. I am very patient because I know he is immature even at 50 with relationships...Lots of tears for both of us, last night and today..I also told him this is not a threat or ultimatum..He knows I love him with all my heart, he said no one as ever touched his heart like I have..

    This is something I need for me and my little girl.I told him at the beginning of a relationship there's always a future but now I feel after 17 months I don't see our future..But he doesn't have one, yes he does, i know he loves me but what kind of future is that? Okay as usual I am rambling, I asked him if he could do one thing for me and that was to think about if he lovingly,knowingly if he wants and See's me and my daughter in his life...We cried some more and hugged and kissed...And our favorite word to each other is Namaste'

    'We put our hands together in a prayer motion, close to each other as we bow are heads..OK,now the tears are flowing, but I need to be strong and continue along my Journey whatever that may be.

    Thanks again Sunny...



    AKA shatz

  • Namaste'

    Well, that was fast, hehe...You know something good has come out of this, I feel like a huge rock has been lifted off my chest, and I know that I am strong and deserving of love. I don't want to be a caretaker anymore, i can use my love that I have for people in a different way..I just thought I needed to say that, sort of an affirmation to myself...


    Peace,Light,Love and Laughter

  • sheila, you are so sweet, and so brave. you are a true romantic... that you would be willing to let someone go. now that is true love (in my opinion) the word Namaste is a beautiful word. some folks have given me diff meanings to that word. I looked it up through google search, and this is what I found.

    "The gesture Namaste represents the belief that there is a Divine spark within each of us that is located in the heart chakra. The gesture is an acknowledgment of the soul in one by the soul in another. "Nama" means bow, "as" means I, and "te" means you. Therefore, Namaste literally means "bow me you" or "I bow to you."

    To perform Namaste, we place the hands together at the heart charka, close the eyes, and bow the head. It can also be done by placing the hands together in front of the third eye, bowing the head, and then bringing the hands down to the heart. This is an especially deep form of respect. Although in the West the word "Namaste" is usually spoken in conjunction with the gesture, in India, it is understood that the gesture itself signifies Namaste, and therefore, it is unnecessary to say the word while bowing.

    We bring the hands together at the heart chakra to increase the flow of Divine love. Bowing the head and closing the eyes helps the mind surrender to the Divine in the heart. One can do Namaste to oneself as a meditation technique to go deeper inside the heart chakra; when done with someone else, it is also a beautiful, albeit quick, meditation. "

    I have heard of other interpretations, but I think the above is interpretated well.

    I don't thin k your Sag is going anywhere.. slow to step up to commitment I agree. but hten again Sheila, 17 months is just getting to know each really well.

    I was with a sag for almost 6 years. he wanted to marry me or so he said, but very afraid of being tied down. well... he is not with us anymore he is in heaven now and has been for 33 years. he passed over at an tender age of 28.

    anyway, yea, enough rambling.... lol

    xo sunny

  • hello there.

    very touched wif your storry,i did a quick read for you. i feel your pain

    what i can say here, bright future you have for two of you. but need to be ful of care.need to let go the old baggage both you have now. it is time.

    the joy is within reach!do not worry.just be carefull not to let go what you have together, sickness and health, happy and sadd memories. he is waiting for you to sweep him off his feet showing clearly in my readings.

    good luck

  • Namaste' sunny, as always I appreciate your gifts that flow through you to share with everyone and myself included.

    Namaste' lovelyness, so thoughtful of you, to send this gift my way..

    Peace,Light,Love and Laughter


  • Lovelyess>>>>the joy is within reach!do not worry.just be carefull not to let go what you have together, sickness and health, happy and sadd memories. he is waiting for you to sweep him off his feet showing clearly in my readings.

    sunny>>>> remember Sheila, I said that if you leave him love notes, etc. he would be very flattered. I agree with lovely's interpretation. that would be one way to sweep him off his feet.

    go for it...


  • oh and thankie for the namaste photo. very beautiful.

  • Oh sunny, if you only knew that this is what i always do. Not just saying this to pat myself on the back, but I had promised myself after my daughters daddy died, that I would always honour the next man i met like my disceased partner did for me...But I was playing the role of what a man should do by honouring the woman he loves, by telling him how handsome he was, buying little gifts, writing in his dust on the bathroom desk he keeps his shells on.Anytime I had stayed over I would leave a note under his pillow or beside his end table..Leaving messages for him when I know he was working late...etc...This is how i wanted to be treated for him to tell me that I was beautiful and what I meant in his life. How much joy i brought into his world.But it was me sunny, and I think that it just was taking everything from me...A relationship is 100% each side and I beleive in that...In 17 months I was never taken out to dinner or even been wined and dined...That's okay though we spent picnic time and shared lovely meals together that we cooked together and I hate cooking hehe. But he is different..Ok i feel like i'm defending myself and thats not what I am about...I have used the woman woes many times to be shut down, if you know what I mean...But truly Sunny I understand what you are saying, thats why I had to let him and me have this time to think. I think both partners should worship eachother, I have my fair share of unhealthy relationships, but i am a romantic ,not in the fairy tell sense...I wanted this to be different, we both did so i thought...I still have hopes sunny but I will not wait 10 years hehe...Life is too short as we both know.



  • Sunny, Namaste' I really didn't like the way I left this post.. I don't need him to treat me like a princess hehe.I don't need a man to tell me I'm beautiful i feel that inside myself, and i don't look to him for approval, been there done that with my x along time ago, But to hear it from a man who says he loves you, "i need action to follow,those words, am i making sense.

    P has given me an age where I felt like i was 16 again, the giddiness, we are two peas in a pod..We can laugh when we do silly things and best of all we can be our selves..But he looks to me to teach him about relationships, but i have told him 'WRONG' person to learn from...Mine were all unhealthy..I am just learning myself, anyways I know that relationships take allot of work and we are just beginning to really learn about each other, the blinders are off. Ok so much for me sitting on my hands..I just felt i left somethings unsaid, was on my way out to pick up my daughter from school.

    Thanks again sunny:)

  • hey sheila, no apologies please, I understand where you are coming from. I really do not see him exiting from you life.

    you say he does not have much experience in relationships but you do.. even if they were unhealthy. hence the word "were" in the past.

    since he has little or no experience in emotional relationship, he would need you to help guide him. remember in my first post to you, and before I even knew anything about him. I said words to this effect that he is working on it. he wants to but is lacking on how to do this.

    My husband did not have much experience either until he met me. lol, we both leaaarn from each other... yes, there are strengths I possessed, and strengths my hubby possesses as well. he offers me strengths where I am weak.

    and BTW, I did not mean literally 10 years of waiting... I was just using another couple as an example. and it's only been 17 months. I mentioned to give him a chance to change in the first post or second one..

    xo sunny

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