Is there such a thing as Destiny?

  • Do you believe that there are two people in the world who are simply destined to be with each other?

    Destiny or meant to be?

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    I wonder, are we destined for each other?

  • Sunshinebabe82, if I may reply... I don't do readings, but I would like to say something from personal experience and from what I've witnessed in the relationships of others...

    If you believe our souls continue to exist without our physical body and you believe in past lives, then, it stands to reason that two souls can be destined to be together in a particular lifetime. If you have researched this topic, you probably have found that it is believed that a soul travels through its lifetimes with a specific soul group. Under this assumption, one soul could presumably take the form of different people in your life in any given physical existence. However, it is believed that we all have one (or more) true "soulmates." Your true soulmate may not always join you in a particular lifetime. Also, not every person you meet romantically in your lifetimes is necessarily going to be your true soulmate. Sometimes the people we become romantically connected with have been linked with us for purposes of learning a spiritual lesson.

    The best way to know if you're destined to be with the person you're inquiring about is to listen to what your spirit is telling you to do. But listen carefully...sometimes our hearts overrun our heads and if you let your emotions get carried away, you may not see things the way they really are. You may overlook red flags that you would have seen if you kept your emotions in check.

    All I can say is, when you are destined to be with someone, it is likely going to happen despite the obstacles that might get in your way. You will have no trouble figuring out the person you are destined to be with because it will probably feel like you've known this person sometime before. There is a connection that can't be understood and you know it's the right thing for you. Just be sure to pay attention to danger signs and that "gut feeling" if something doesn't seem right because it is your spirit telling you you are not in a good situation or that there needs to be some changes before you should commit to that person.

    I hope this helps.

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