CALLING ALL CANCER FEMALES, i need to understand why yall do the things you do

  • cancer is a good match for you....! You are seeing a lot of yourself.

    I am a cancer, had a few Pisceans and I would describe them just like that. Secretive, moody, escapist, difficult to pin down, etc but it comes from a different place. You do it because the real world is just a bit tooo...well REAL. We do that because we are scared. VERY VERY easily hurt. We need to feel safe and then we give everything. Sometimes more than you might want at times!

  • hahahaah oh god.

    How hard is it to work out ? She is opening HER heart to you.. you should feel honoured.. sure you care about her but any one can care.. im sure many people care about her lots.

    You have got to go allll the extra miles to show how YOU feeel. Her words are not just words, they're her feelings that she would otherwise normally keep on guard.

    Show your sensitive side.. x o

  • Hi guys just having trouble with a canser woman. We dated for almost 3 years and lived together since im a pisces and shes a canser i knew we where ment for each other and we did for the longerst time untill she just lost it. She just wasnt the same the love and sex just wasnt there. She finally convince me to move out. which i did. 3 weeks latter she wanted to move in with me? i know crazy. and 3 months after that she moved out again. I was going nuts with this Cancer woman. She still calls telling me how much she misses me and still loves me. even though she has her own place with some dude that she knows for 14 years she says. Well it gets better, she is ready to move out from that house wants to live close to me and give it another try. Please here is where i need thel help. Whats up with this girl? should i take here back and live in seperate houses, should i just say no even though i still have feelings for her? She says she loves me, but she already left me twice and i keep taking here back. Please some help with this Cancer woman tx.

  • Piscesman- I have seen a few of your posts and yet don't know all the circumstances. Cancer and Pisces are suppose to be good / ideal matches however as a Cancer myself I found a great deal of important information on knowing my rising and moon signs as my personality happens to be all over the place. i can only tell you from what I know about myself and what I am reading above sounds more than just Cancerian qualities. Normally, a Cancer woman wouldn't be kicking someone they love out it's more emotional to us. Our moods are often up and down and quite frequently however, I am wondering if she hasn't yet found herself. I am wondering because I remember letting my emptions get the better of me but, with time experience and soul searching I have learned to just ask for the time I need. I find this process a much more mature way to handle the moon and the tides which we are ruled by. I often would say or do things I regretted teaching me I needed to take a step back and keep my mouth shut and just do me for a few hours until I coudl process everything properly. I personally would write which gave me an outlet. Does your Cancerian woman have an outlet of such for herself? It may help her to find one if she has not yet done so. When we do love it's with our whole hearts and doing such is not easy. Nor, is it easy to be a Cancer and I find it vital to take the time when the emotions get high to just be and let the fire stir. They're often fires and we have a difficult time supressing such. One thing I found with water signs is that any kind of water helps to soothe whether it be a bath / shower / pool / ocean / lake. It just lets the heated moments dissapaite some before meeting someone head on. I don't believe anyone is crazy, I do believe we all have crazy tendencies. I found it a very true statement that it takes women twice as long to get over a man we loved esp Cancers. Ex dated for 2 years.... they need 4 years to truly get over that person. I have had a very similar experience lately and my heart belonged to him for 6 years (not by choice ) but, it did. I tried everything. Time was not on my side but after 6 years from 18 - 24 I have my heart back and it's mine. Funny, thing is when time has come full circle Cancerian woman are able to let go no Positive or Negative thoughts it's just neutral and just is.

    I can not tell you what you should do as that answer lies in your heart and yours alone. But, in my experience being a Cancer I have to say my best advice is to let her go. Break ups no matter how hard are meant to happen because, people need to grow and learn to love bigger than before. It helps us all become the people we are meant to be. It's never easy esp for a Cancer woman and the likely hood if you leave her be is she won't leave you be. This is why it is important that you follow your own heart. It's not easy and can be like daggers to a Cancer woman but, when she does move on it is in the best possible way with nothing but forgiveness.

    And lastly, if the love wasn't the same as before it may be because you have grown as she has not. You may be seeing a more immature love that you initially had and now you realize what you want is something greater and bigger. If this be the case do not settle for something you once had. Have faith that what you need is out there and continue on with your life. We often remember what we once had with someone as an amazing love but people do not progress at the same levels and when those people get together again if one settles they can be left feeling unsatisfed which will only be worse in the ens.

    Best of luck and wishes to you!

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