CALLING ALL CANCER FEMALES, i need to understand why yall do the things you do

  • im a pisces, and recently fell for this cancer chick but i totally dont get her. she tells me how she can see herself falling in love with me then she dissapears for another 4 days, and has the nerve to ask me why i havent hit her up. Its clear that I care about her, I've laid my feelings on the table, but she's soooo secretive, moody, and at times emotionally detached. whats up with that? can any of you lovely cancer chicks(or anyone who's interested) give me some insight as to what your afraid of when sharing your emotions????????

    any comments would be well appreciated

  • my advice, study up on the female cancer, google it. linda goodmann had a good take on all signs of the zodiac. i myself learned a LOT from studying the signs my own n those i was into, mayb u oughta do the same.

    as far as sharing emotions r pisces the more courageous of the signs. but mind u everyone fears rejections n non more than the cancerian. again study them

  • yeah i was thinking that myself. thankyou, i very much appreciate it

  • I don't know how old you both are but if she has had much dating experience, she may have been hurt by guys who love the thrill of the chase more than capturing and keeping this girls tender heart. Just a thought. As a cancer chick, I can tell you that she has prob ran multiple worst case scenarios in her head about what would happen if she poured her heart out to you. CharmedWitchBente had great advise for you to research her sign. Be patient. A cancer seduction is a marathon not a sprint. Good luck to you

  • well said mellove n that goes for the male cancerian as well. LOL N as all know in a marathon u get to get small breaks to refesh ur pace, to water down n continue in a steady ok pace lol

    it does require stamina lol

  • haha true true. i dont wana smother her. but boy i gotta tell ya cancer women are work, especially for us pisces

  • same can be said for pisces dude ................. i have 3 menΒ΄s word on that n they are libra, aries n cancer, now what do ya say to that? LMAO

  • hahaha aight u got me there. Girls have told me im work, but I just thought they werent on my level.. now i know lol

  • whats your sign by the way??

  • hi, you should be an ideal match. Cancer ladies are quite independant yet need to feel protected, every word tends to be taken personally and any harsh words hurt and get us withdrawing back into our protective shell. Lots of reassurance and affection should help we are all just really afraid of being hurt and left vulnerable. Laughter and making light of the situation also helps.

    Good Luck

  • im a pisces liek yaself kidd

  • oh worrrrd lol. couldnt even recognize ya haha

  • LMAO

  • and i had a hard time with cancer too 😞 shes such a playful chic and sometimes u hardly can predict what shes gonna do...

  • exactly, and its soo frustrating. Not saying i want her to be predictable because it kind if keeps me on my toes but sometimes its too much

  • yeah. so dude hows the relationship going up til now?

  • not so great.. we cant even have a conversation. i text her, she doesnt txt me back.. i'll msg her on facebook askin her to call me when she gets a chance.. i never get a call. i dont think she cares anymore.. i know ive said some hurtful things but i apologized and she doesnt seem to be too forgiving

  • man honestly im thinkin about giving up

  • i am thankful to God

    ~Cosmic lover found each other..

    if the love is true, nothing will stop you two being in love in each other forever.

    people around you will suffer if they mess around trying to separate you two.

    you do good, good will come back to you.

    gud luck


  • If you really dig her, don't give up! Cancers and Pisces are actually a wonderful match.

    Both signs are capable of being deeply emotional, and while that can mean moodiness and

    self-esteem problems, it can also bring in the most profound moments of love you can find.

    Us Cancer gals have MAJOR confidence issues, fear of rejection, and the bad

    habit of withdrawing when things get rough (or we can't decide). And "hypersensitivity" is

    definitely an understatement! She could also be afraid of committing since rejection is possible.

    We aren't very confident when it comes to taking risks, especially when our emotions are at

    stake. Also, you mentioned saying hurtful things, so she could be deeply hurt and sulking over

    that. We take even the tiniest things to heart, and when hurt in any way, we may not trust

    whoever hurt us with our emotions anymore. But I believe it is possible to gain that trust back.

    Here's a bit of a cheat sheet:

    Cancers forgive, but don't forget, so you can't apologize too much for something, but

    you do have to be genuine or it will make things worse (mocking a Cancer is a sure way to

    be black-listed). Letting her know that YOU are hurt that you hurt her (not because she is

    acting hurt, mind you, but because you were so hurtful to her) has a much better chance

    of getting through her resentment and appealing to her nurturing side (as she won't want to

    see you feeling awful for long). Cancers are very nurturing, however they secretly long to be

    pampered themselves, even though they feel a bit guilty about wanting that, so treating her to a

    few shoulder rubs and plenty of cuddling, etc is also a good tactic.

    She may just be taking off time to sort through her emotions and figure out if she wants to

    be with you. I would say you need to see her in person rather than playing phone tag. Show

    up with some flowers or something classic like that; you're a Pisces so you should know a

    thing or two about being romantic! πŸ™‚ Cancers are VERY sensitive to romantic atmospheres,

    by the way. Think classic sweeping-her-off-her-feet and let your own emotions show through

    for her; don't be afraid to baby her, even, and she will probably be batting her eyelashes at you in no time πŸ˜‰

    I'm assuming for all of this that you've been dating a good while. Even if it's a new relationship, the best thing to do is to get her talking, possibly by sharing your own feelings with her (both of you need to be okay with opening up to each other for the relationship to work). You can just Google "Cancer Pisces" and get a lot of relationship advice, too. Try out anything by Suzanne White (including the New Astrology system, which blends Western and Eastern signs). My guess is if you care enough to ask for advice, then you care enough to try a little longer. Best of luck to you πŸ™‚

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