• I know what you mean CWB.......after having had 4 children and going through their teens with them I know it can very frustrating!!....BUT, if we don't try and keep guiding them, who else could guide them the way....maybe this young chap doesn't have parents or older people they trust to turn to in their life?.....

    You and espearite gave some excellent advice to him!! you are a loving soul CWB....thats why you keep trying 🙂

  • I meant to add that the young ones (and older) also need to know that once good advice is given to them from the goodness of peoples hearts, and given of their time to offer it, it's then up to them if they heed it!!, if not, they maybe have learn from it another time, this is what our paths of learning is like isn't it? but at least we've we know we tried to Help with showing love and concern! and thats all we can do 🙂

    At the end of the day, we all have free will, and I for one Hope this young chap takes in some of the good advice you offered to him :)...he needs to know it is given "For his own sake" to help him on to a better and happier life!

    it's a shame our youngsters view our concern and advice as "Nagging" sometimes, they don't realise it's because WE CARE.....


  • true, ye lol

  • When it was mentioned she goes MIA I knew we were talking about a cancer before he even said cancer. She is young, she is a cancer, and she is most likley very aware of your feelings, but isn't sure what she wants as of yet. and she probably likes and respects you very much, mabe even loves you as a long time friend, as you have sort of grown up together. That said, she might be to hard to pin down at the moment, or mabe even in this decade. If you like this young lady this much, then you might have to settle for being a good friend for now, and seeing what the future can bring later on down the road, mabe save this one for last.

  • You know - I didn't get married til I was 32, was married for 20 years and now I say - I wasted so much of my time in this trap for 20 years. I can't imagine this happening to someone who is only 18. Go out and see the world, etc. See what happens in ten years. You can't get back time, once its gone - its gone.

  • This is just a boy who likes a girl, pisces boys do seem to marry a bit quickly, and come to regret though, so if thats what he wants, he should adhere to some of the advice he has recieved from the elders here.

  • kiddpisces it hit me maybe u fel into the FRIENDSONLY TRAP. meaning she sees u as a friend only n nada else, n mayb ur forcing the change scared her off. just a thought

    again ........................ what is ur hurry???? why not enjoy ur last teen years n 20ties like all else yoouth with education, travels fun parties? n why do i sense u so bad wanan be older than u is?

    i dont get why teens wanna be older than they is. once they is they do look back n go oh wow why was i like that, mayb no one has the reply? in my time i think i followed ther crowd. biggest mistake ever.

  • lol damn yall sound like my parents! thanks for caring though, you guys really shed some light on me. and honestly I have no clue why I'm rushing it, I just dont wana lose her to another dude. I mean, eversince she told me she could see herself falling in love with me all I've been thinking about was her. Sometimes we play around and plan our lives out together. Then when things get tough, or she gets mad at me over something I said AGES ago she runs off into her shell, and i wont hear from her for days. I just really wana be there for her........... maybe its puppy love, maybe not. I'm not gonna go off and marry her no time soon though lol. I dont have my stuff together yet

  • @CharmedWitchBente

    I'm very sure I didnt fall into the "friendsonly trap" That happened to me before with another cancer girl, and I ended up getting my heart broken. The good thing that came out of it is that we're good friends now and we can talk about anything and everything, except for what happened between us. We put that in the past. I totally learned my lesson from that situation which is probably why I'm so sure about this

  • Kidd Pisces, you sound like a great guy. I hope you find yoour true love, and I know you will. if not with her, than someone else will steal your heart. in the meantime,keep on, keeping on.


  • like i said kidd, juss a thought

  • Hi Kidd,

    "lol damn yall sound like my parents! thanks for caring though,"

    Loved that, well I'm old enough to be your parent hahahahahaha,

    Keep your sense of Humour it will carry you through your journey in life...

    Just keep living, learning and enjoying all this wise advice!

    One day you will find that LOVE, and you will feel it.

    Take care Kidd, love your name.

    Peace,Light and love


  • Hey kiddpisces,

    I can relate to alot of what you're feeling and some of your experiences. If it helps I'm only a 19 year old piscean girl.

    Reading through the advice people have been giving you I can say it sounds like advice my parents would give me too, but since I've lived through some of this stuff that didn't end so well, I can confidently say they've given good, heartfelt advice.

    I've had a few experiences with wanting to love someone who in the end just didn't love me back. Yes it hurts...a lot. You're exactly right. You don't want another guy to suddenly show up and for her to start getting interested in him. It can happen, and yes it really hurts.

    What I finally did after a lot of depression and heartache was to buckle down and really work at the education to fill my time. That wasn't enough though, I still had too much emotion. So, if you can find a way to spread your love around (I'm sorry that sounds corny) it'll help. Meet some new people and spend time with them. Not just women with romantic intentions involved, but just jump into life. Making friends and hanging out with them or getting involved in some charitable work helps make you feel like you matter to lots of people. You'll give her some space and time this way too.

    People are right: she probably knows how you feel. I can tell you women value men who are independent, involved in lots of activities, and generally enjoying life. She might be waiting to see how you handle life. I don't know. Anyway, in time things might work amazingly, or if either of you go separate directions it won't be as painful.

    I know it sounds impossible. I used to think so too. For me things haven't worked out a couple times now, so I've just left love alone. I'm suprisingly happy about it too. I've been enjoying myself experiencing life and not being so attached to one person all the time.

    Sorry if it doesn't sound like happy news. Life gets brighter and better if you jump in and give it time. You feel like you've waited 4 years for her? Wow. I believe you definitely have a big heart. If it's meant to be wouldn't it be worth another 4 so it's perfect for you both? I know nobody likes hearing all that. Me too.

  • amarnaa, such wise words...

    Peace,Light and Love to you


    Kidd just think of all this advice. I have spent so much $$$$$$ on Psychiatrists, just think of all the money you are going to save, this is all free and it comes from love, which there is no price on that...


  • hahahahaahahah schatzy oh my word

  • Thank you all so much for the words of wisdom and encouragement. You all have really been helping me through this tough time. I apreciate every single one of you for the positivity. I have a good feeling things will work out for the best and if her and i do part ways, just like us pisces theres always more fish in the sea LOL or more crabs on the beach. I just have to stay optimistic and like Amarnaa said, get more involved in things to take my mind off the situation.

    once again I thank you all, you guys are amazing.. I LOVE MY ELDERS! =]

  • And we love our children hahahaha

    aka shatzy,,

    take care Kidd

  • I think most of us forget how we truly felt when we were your age Kidd...... Love, or whatever it is at your age, is a very important part of our lives. Those feeling just don't go away because someone told you to focus on your studies instead... How many of us actually did that? 😉

    Being a teenager is hard in these days. I remember how I felt "in love" with so many...

    It sounds like Kidd has a good head on his shoulders, and just fell "in love".... I say enjoy those feelings while you can. But don't let them stop you either.

  • Dear Kidd,

    You should have followed your heart 4 years ago my friend. She is a Cancer and has moved on. I could have told you that awhile ago. If you still want her , you have to awwww her. Flowers, dates, something she likes to do, surprise her otherwise her interests are in a different guy by now. The only way you will get her attention is to do something either real spectacular or over the edge. You're young and chances are It's not going to happen if it didn't already. A pisces and a cancer are a good match , if it was the oppisite way around , sorry to say. Cancer girls are a tough bunch and Pisces is a dreamer. They are not going to wait around. Problem here? You waited too long. Move on my friend. good luck

  • Since when has teen years especially now been difficult??? It doesnt matter what decade or time u was born in that makes it more or less hard to b a teenager. Its the phase n years that matters. Not the sepcific time. So to rule that being a teen in the new millenia is different n more hard than any other time is rubbish n frankly a load of BS!

    Obviously not many realizes past society rules n decorum n costums n how it was, bc if they did they wouldnt go oh its so hard today to b a teen. Hell not more than back in the day.


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