• i could really use some help. im on verge of falling in love with this girl who wont show me her true self. what does our future look like? what moves should i make next to get her to open up to me?

  • well if it was up to me I would tell you to take your attitude somewhere else.

  • huh?

  • Hi Kiddpisces,

    How old is this person and have you asked her why she is not open to you?

  • your title on this thread got my attention. my first impression was.. what an impatient and rude person. lol.. I agree you need an attitude adjustment. no woman in their right mind is going to open up to you with you making demands like you are now.

    I mean.. pffftt

  • Hi kiddpisces~

    What I wanna say is, if you are so eager to know the answers, will you have the patience thinking about it and understanding it? Take it easy,you can only solve problems when you have patience and peace of mind.

    I think I do not need to do you a reading since there are already two,right?


  • oh hey, sorry guys. didnt mean to come off as rude or arrogant. ive just been kind of frustrated about this whole situation.. im sooo not an impatient person... ive waited 4 years for this one girl... and everytime things are going well she goes MIA on me for a week or so. I ask her why she hasnt talked to me, she doesnt wana talk about it. Like anything that has to do with her feelings or emotions is pretty much off limits to me. But she can say how much she sees herself falling in love with me. its weird.. ohyeah she's 18 and a cancer

  • hi there kiddpisces, you just gave yourself an answer, shes 18...

  • Kiddpisces, we cannot change people unless they themselves wanna n wish to change. free will n all. n 18 ................. hello ............... seriously? i sense she will remain 18 all her life. can u live with such a person at all???? seriously.

    in order for me to see more i´d need a photo.

  • Hi,

    I'm a bit confused with this situation, you mention she is only 18, but you have been waiting for her for 4 years...from When she was only 14!!! ???, this sounds bit strange to me, kind of like you are a bit obsessional, am I right?....may we know how old you are, are you about the same age?

    sorry for all the questions, but until the readers can get a bit more clearer on things they would I imagine find it bit difficult....could it be your obsession that could be scaring her off a little? maybe a bit daunting for one so young....

    hope you get your answers my friend

  • the thing is we started out as good friends. im not obsessed or anything. i just hella care about her. and i know she's 18, im 18 myself LOL.

  • If she only wants to be friends, respect that decision. If you try to bring up having a relationship with her or pressure her in any way, the more she's going to run from you. If she feels the same about you and you've tried talking to her already, then leave it be. There are other fish in the sea and since you are so young, you have plenty of time to find someone whose right for you. Focus you attention on what's really important right now.

  • pardon for saying this but at ur age u oughta focus n be more concerned about getting a proper education and good grades. for a moment id like u to plasce urself in her shoes n see what it is ure doing. think u can?

  • this topic shook me up, and I was just browsing.

  • You're a Pisces, and she's a Cancer? -and you've started out as friends. Sounds like a good start in general.

    Don't rush it. Your friendship is just as important, if not more than worrying about moving the relationship into something else. If she's a Cancer - then she is probably sensitive and may be aware of your feelings more than you realize, so you shouldn't have to force anything - just take it slow.

    If you're creative, why not create a little gift for her? - like a picture, or some music, or write a short poem - just don't get over possessive or too passionate with your words or images. Focus on your friendship and the trust you share and how much that means to you.

    Most Cancers I know are family oriented and like to feel secure, especially financially.

    Good luck.

  • CharmedWitchBente hit the nail on the head. Focus on trying to find out who you are, who you want to be. You don't have to rush into it and declare something tomorrow. Rome wasn't built in a day. Experiment while working a job, then see what you really like. Along the way, you may find someone who wants what you do. I feel like at your age, you should take advantage of your freedom, assuming you have no children yet.

  • Gosh, I think we are giving him more than he wants to know, lol.

  • Teens ............................ teens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 🙂

  • kiddpisces did u EVER consider what she wants? maybe she doenst want what u want at all? mayb she wants education career before settling down. also consider this. many marriage committed to at a young age, n 18 is YOUNG, its bound to disolve sooner or later. One day many awake n ask what the hell happend to my youth???? N bam divorce.

    so smack on em breaks n consider her n not ur own needs for a change.

    ugh TEENS! why do i keep trying?

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