• Hi Baby

    thanks for the feedback. I gotta say thou about some men. notice I used the word "some" men. some men can view wives or girlfriends as possessions. as part of his/their property ownership. it's sounds scary and it should scare any woman in their right mind.

    your ex paying you alimony in his mind he views you as his property. he is wanting to rid of the alimony and part of that he feels you are no longer husband and wife, what in the world is he paying alimony for?

    he was hoping you wwould move on and marry the guy. now it makes sense you say your current boyfriend is still married although separated. which is why he is wanting to rid of your boyfriend. look at it as a favor to other words your guy is not in a hurry, and you could see that as non committed with current BF

    in his mind you are moving too slow.. get married already! lol however, there are provisions with the courts that alimony payments are for so many years, not forever.

    your ex is having a hard time financially, no matter how well off he appears to be.

    I do see you getting married in the future... the groom's face is blank. that is a sign that indicates this person is new and that you have not met him yet.

    blessed be, Sunny

  • Thank you again Sunny,

    I know my bf doesn't want to change his life style he says he does and that he has loved me since the first day he saw me ( which was back in high school). I don't put any hope in a future with him, i do love him and enjoy being with him but I won't go on like this much longer.



  • I think I need to rephrase the part about the groom. it could very well mean the groom's face being blank is simply unknown at this time. you could marry current BF. I don't know for sure WHO, but yes, you will marry again.

    no one and this includes psychic/intuitives can tell you who to marry or who to divorce.

    just wanted to be clear on that bit. 🙂

  • I keep hearing the words "tell him to quit tinkling on the potty and get off it." if you put your foot down, he will step up, and take care of his unfinished business.. otherwise be careful about investing too much of your time and emotions into BF.


  • Hi Sunny,

    In my mind I do have a time frame of when to give him the push, because as you said I am not going to waste anymore time in this kind of a relationship. I will move on.

    I realize when the time is right things that are ment to be will be and thank you again for your insights.

    Baby 76

  • Hi MsSunny, just stopped by to say hello to you and thanks again, things are quiet now but I'm still alert for the bs! God bless you! 🙂

  • Hey there Poetic.. I was reading one of your blogs to BlMoon. I sure hope things work for you.

    here is an idea another psychic told me a long time ago. when you think of your husband, instead of anger and all of that negative vibe, try a different approach. you do not need to demonstrate anything.. it's all magic by using your imagination.

    imagine him the way you want him to be. yeah, I know... fairy tale stuff. it does work, now I want you to try it.

    it takes just a few minutes, to sit and just imagine him as a kind, honest, faithful husband, and great father. send to him through your guides/angels the white and pink light to surround him as in a bubble of light with hugs and love.

    do this for a few days, and you will see a changed person. BUT, a warning, you need to get rid of your anger for a while so you can do this and do this for yourself as well.

    what you need to have happen is this. he needs to calm down so he can think clearly. once the negative hostility is removed, and then and only then in a calm state you two can sit and talk.

    I don't think he is going to leave. he knowns he has been lying to you and for too long. he has to work on being honest with you, but mroe importantly he needs to grow up and accepts his own actions as being wrong. only then, can true healing begin.

    I will keep you in my prayers... yes, I do pray, and prayer works very well.

    when things get so bad and beyond my control to do anything about it, I will turn to prayer. I am always amazed with the power of prayer.



  • Amen girlfriend! I did actually send him and her light, I sent him light again yesterday, will take your advice and send the pink too. You are so right, when there is anger and resentment nothing good will happen. I'm actually tired of fighting and so is he. I still don't trust him, but I will live and let live until I know different in the mean time I'm gonna enjoy life. You helped me more than you know, hardest thing I think I ever did because I actually thought out the consequences before acting out! God bless you! 🙂 I'm sending you warm happy thoughts and love!

  • I took your advice and sent the light again today, checked his voicemail, listen to the messages.

    I just copied this from my talk with blmoon for you.

    . He changed his voicemail again yesterday and I got the new password last night, well on my lunch I just checked and she left about four messages, 1. Why was he not calling her on his lunch break anymore. 2. Why are her calls blocked. 3. He accused her of having another man, and she has no other man but she can move on with her life and move with a Nicki?? I saved the messages this time and let him know I heard them not angry. I guess the showdown is coming, I'm not fighting anymore though, it is what it is. I understand he is a man of no remorse or regret, I may have to leave for awhile if he won't. He says he is tired of fighting, apparently not tired enough, don't won't to give him a stroke (God forbid) and be left with an invalid!

  • hold on!!! do not do anything rash! give this more time... another week. keep sending the pink/white light to him and her if that makes you feel better. lol and that says you are more humble than he is.

    you 2 have a long way to go for sure. but for now, to get you 2 to talk calmly, and to listen as well.

    it will take a few days or so, so don't be impatient by what you see today. give this more time please??


  • go ahead and show them the messages... and yes the showdown and then the aftermath.... I feel by sending him the white/pink light will help him become humble and to see everyone in a new light... the truth.

  • Okay! lol! I'm cool, she is doing the chasing now, hmm. I think in stead of going home, I'll go play somewhere.

  • Hi Ms Sunny,

    A little update here. I had a small talk with bf and told him I don't really see us getting married, he asked why and when I told him my reasons he was upset. He let me know what he was doing to make things happen for our future.

    Will keep you informed of the happenings.


  • Hello Ms. Sunny

    This is Illona I have a question for you. I have a friend that plays in a group. And one of the band members told me that one of the shows was cancel and when I ask my friend he never answered me about the question. So I just found out today that the show is going on. Is this because they don't want me to come. And all summer they have been on me about not coming too the shows and when I said I was coming the one told me it was cancel. Why is that.

    Thanks so much Illona

  • Just checking in to say hello, I'm still here and trying hard to control my emotions, have a great day! 🙂

  • Ms Sunny, You appear to be very talented. If I may, I would love to some input on my life with the man I love. We have hit a bump in the road, and I'm not sure how to get over it. I FEEL as if he's finally "the one", for so many reasons. but I don't know if he can see that. His initials are DS, (or WS if you need what he goes by), and BD is 9/18/71, and mine is TS 3/4/66. I just need some clarity to so I know what to do. Leave, move on, stay, and be patient, ??? He is a VIRGO male, so a perfectionist beyond belief. He's also stubborn, and likes to be right. I have my own stubborn streak, and just don't understand some things. His brother actually helped some this weekend, but I would like more info if you could please. Where is this going?

    Thanks, Tina

  • Update: See my previous comment on that day, busted him and the girl, live and in living color! He has lived in hell since. I had to go home and meditate last night and this is a test of forgiveness and not judging not easy, didn't know I had so much anger, but each day is getting better, God Bless you!

  • Hi Poetic... thinking of you... call on archangel Michael to help you out.

    to all others that have asked me for a reading. I am sorry, but I am unable to get to your questions for a reading.

    I will try to get to them later... Sunny

  • I have been, I ask for his strength for the dual masculine side to come out. Take it easy! Each day is getting easier. 🙂

  • never ever let go. thats how love is.

    auspicous day approaching. take note.

    good luck


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