• Good Morning, How are you? Fine I hope! I was reading some of your posts under, (married men) and I'd love to know what you see happening with me and my cheater please? My dob is 11/20/65 and he is 04/10/62. We are total opposites but have been together almost 20 years, he is a liar and I don't trust him. Never knew he lied so much until he recently got caught. We may be breaking up soon, Is his love affair going anywhere? Is he going to stop? I think I scared him to death recently but as I told him, both she and he have free will and if that is the life you choose don't live it with me. He has been un-faithful before but I never saw anything. Thanks for your in-put and please don't be afraid to tell it how it is. God Bless!

  • OH I think you like initials, I'm CT and he is WT and I'm not sure of her real name but he says it's Pam. Which I think is not true did a little detective work and got other names, not sure which is hers, the names i got are:

    Kerry Ann , Marie Denise and some others but they are male.

    Thanks again.

  • Hi Poetic

    I will get back with you a bit later.. it may not be until tomorrow.. but I will get back with you.

    I think I have enough pertinent info to work with. sorry for what he is putting you through. have you thought of hitting him over the head with a wrought iron fry pan???

    a message just popped up. he is the one that needs psychotherapy or counseling. you are not the crazy one. it's him.


  • Thank you and God Bless you, no really crazy runs in their family but I found out too late, he is such a liar, wants his cake and eats it too! I'm tired and don't know what I want anymore, do want the truth. God Bless you! I almost did something stupid but I thought of my kids.

  • I love your eyeball very mysterious. I'll wait for your grace madame!

  • Hi Poetic,

    ok, first off, I want to say your husband is not going to be leaving you. he is scared shit, he does not understand how he got himself into this position. LOL did he tell you how this evolved? from what it looks like in the spread, he was seduced, and that drinking, possible drug induced drink got him into a situation he sincerely regrets. looks there was a lot of socializing going on, and the temptation was overwhelming. he should not be around these folks. if they are his freinds? he needs to change his social circle of friends. if they are his co-workers? he needs to put a limit on his socializing with these people. co-workers needs to have strong boundaries.

    he is worrying over what you plan to do. right now, from what I see with you, you are feeling like the world has hit you with a ton of bricks. you are feeling very weak, and it's important for you to stay on top with dietary, and rest. otherwise, weakened immunity makes you susceptible to viruses, infections, cold/flu, etc. be sure to get plenty of rest, and to drink plenty of water.

    The question you are asking of yourself is " what do I want?" perhaps if you switch the words around, and rephrase the question... "what I do NOT want?" this should be conveyed clearly to yourself, and that you know it cannot continue this way.

    H eknows he can't continue this way, but he does not know how to change. He would benefit from counseling, and to heal his childhood wounds.

    he is insecure, and unfortuantely he unconsciously chooses people that are inferior, and wants to check them out. it's time for him to grow up.

    he worries about his financial stability. he worries over losing everything, and that he is sabtaguing himself, but he do es not know how to stop his transgressions.

    he has to learn control.

    I am seeing more arguments, and this will go on for another 3 weeks or so. at which point, probably a month from now, you will see a difference in him. it's going to be really rough at first, but the truth must bear out or healing will never begin.

    he needs to understand his actions, and why he chooses to hurt you over and over. this last time thou, he felt misled, and trusted some people he never should have. looks some folks in his social group, perhaps they are workers who want to see him gone.

    he may not be able to save his job or your marriage... and that he would get the help he needs from a "male" therapist/counselor. I see him talking to a middle aged man with really thick black ha ir, and this man will get your husband the help he needs.

    he is upset, but it's time for him to see how serious his actions have severe consquences.

    are you thinking of changing residence? as in move out for a while? he needs to understand you truly mean business and that you are not just talking like a crazy woman.

    action will yield the benefits or rewards you truly deserve and need to have in your life.

    right now you are scared to take action, but once you do, the results will be exactly what you had hoped for.

    time for you to take that next step...


  • Wow you described him to a Tee and the thing about friends and his job are true too, acts like a child, he swears he was pursuing the young lady and they never had relation together, that it didn't get that far but I don't believe him. I was thinking of leaving and he was thinking of leaving and I did wonder to myself last night, do I even still want him? You are the bomb, will chat more tomorrow. May the Universe repay your kindness a hundred fold, I'm adding you to my prayers everynight. I told him that I have nice friends who are seers and see everything, he thinks it's a joke he can be cruel he says tell them to give you the right address then, but I think I already have it. I just like the truth can't stand a liar! I'm getting stronger daily had a good talk last night will wait and see, Bless you again! What a wonderful thing to do! "Blessed Be."

  • the problem with pathological lairs, or lies a lot? he is crying wolf this time. other people (ladies) do pursue him, but he so frickin curious, he allows it, and he thinks he can stop it in time. not saying he went all the way. the point here, he is flirting with danger, and believe me when I tell you from experience, there are plenty of people that do not care if the man/woman is married. it's a game, and it can turn deadly.

    take your time with this decision. My mom would always tell me, not to make important life altering decisions when you are so angry, you can't see straight.

    is there anyone you and the kids could stay with for awhile? he needs to understand this is not a game.

    one of your conditions should be, and if you want to stay with him, he should go for therapy. My feeling he is going to pick himself up, and go. for him, things are going to get worse..

    hang on sister, you are tougher than you think..


  • I want to thank you for your compliments. you can get lots of photo ideas from photobucket dot com

    blessings , sunny

  • You have been a blessings to me, guess what last night he said those damn Psychics are ruining my life, I said no, YOU are ruining your life! He is all mouth! I'm gonna make him understand I'm not playing. I told him to get out last night but he wouldn't leave. Yeah girl if it wasn't for GOD I woulda did something stupid. He is seeing me now in the rear-view of his mirror, he says he saw me drive past his friends house, I was no where near him. He says that he smells flowers in the room he is sleeping in and the bed is itching him did I put something in it, very paranoid. He thinks my deceased relatives are after him. I laughed so much last night. I do have several places I can go, I would rather he left but I will If I have too, I think I will, it's the comfort thing. The arrogance I can't stand, he is never wrong and somebody else has to be his victim the one to point the finger at. Thanks to the love and support I have on this site and my Faith I now I can survive and thrive. I read your words like 3 times and I thought about what you said about changing the words around, "What I don't want" And I said out loud,

    What I don't want and I'm not going to settle anymore either. God Bless! You are the BOMB!

    I'm praying for PEACE, LIGHT AND PROSPERITY OVER YOUR LIFE AND OF COURSE GOOD HEALTH! Love ya! Love Everybody! "Thats me.

    I told him I prayed for you and that girl because you are lost. Free Will! Baby!

  • P.S. I told him about therapy he thinks thats for wussies. If you know what I mean! Life will teach him.

  • Hi Ms Sunny,

    I hope you can tell me about my ex husband, we have been divorced for 6 yrs and he still bothers me. Mostly through courts, now he wants to get rid of my alimony claiming i live with my boyfriend.

    I have been told he really wants to come back in my life and this is his way of getting rid of my boyfriend. Can you shed some light on this. My bd is 12/04/59, my ex 12/23/55 and my bf is 05/22/58.

    Thank you


  • aaaahh Poetic, my dear friend.

    a man should never doubt a woman's intuition. however, you will need facts if you confront him on his socializing and other friends. no matter how psychic or intuitive you and your friends are, you still need proof of his infidelity.

    he has a bad set of friends that he should avoid at all costs. however, he will find out the hard way.

    pull back... it would be good for you to quiet down and let him think.

    the physical separation will be temporary. it could be as short as one month or as long as 6 months.

    ALL men think therapy are for wussies. it's not until things get so bad and sitting at the bottom will he pick himself and go.

    let him know he can go alone... men are scared of it as it is. going alone won't seem so bad to him.

    counseling therapy is covered under your health insurance. usually up to 20 sessions per person per year.

    good luck, and lots of good energy sent your way...


  • Baby76

    I have another request ahead of you. I will get to you as soon as I can.

  • Thank you, I will be waiting patiently.

  • Thanks!

  • Hello MsSunny!

    I would love a romance reading from you if you have the time. i am currently separated and am very happy with myself and children at the present time. My life is good and will be even better once my divorce is finalized. I am ready to move on in the romance area and was wondering what you see for me. My DOB is 6/25/68,

    Thank you in advance for your help and insight!

  • baby76>>>>> hope you can tell me about my ex husband, we have been divorced for 6 yrs and he still bothers me. Mostly through courts, now he wants to get rid of my alimony claiming i live with my boyfriend.

    I have been told he really wants to come back in my life and this is his way of getting rid of my boyfriend. Can you shed some light on this. My bd is 12/04/59, my ex 12/23/55 and my bf is 05/22/58.

    sunny>>>>>I have no idea "who" told you that your ex really wants to come back in your life. is that a good thing? is that what you want to happen? are you a fatalist? try and take matters in your own hands. if you really do not want him coming around to jinx your life you currently have with your boyfriend.

    that is correct. I call his energy inferior, and he will jinx your relationship. why do you think he is wanting to come back? think back when you were married or together. remember why you 2 broke up in the first place.

    he is not in love with you, but you think because he wants to be back in your life it's because of love??

    oh come on now.. you know dang well that he has ulterior motives. it's purely financial. he figures he can manipulate you like his lamb.

    he does have a point. that if you are co-habitat with a man, having sex, and sharing your lives makes his blood boil. from financial stand point, he feels your boyfriend IS supporting you. you pay rent? you work? buy food etc? you get the picture?

    in other words you and boyfriend are playing house.. LOL

    I believe it won;t stop there... ex is trying to figure a way to end the alimony payments.

    so why not get married? your ex will tell you stuff like, your live boyfriend is lazy. why buy the cow, when you can get the milk for free.

    he maybe able to prove to the courts you are living with this man as in common law.

    good luck..and wishing you light and love.


  • as in "common law wife"

  • Ms Sunny,

    Thank you for the reading. I do agree with you, I do believe it is about the money. My ex has always been more loyal to his money then me and our children.

    My boyfriend and I do stay together a few times during the week and weekends but not full time. I pay all my own bills, rent, food etc. My bf is still married but seperated for 5 yrs now, we have been together for 2 yrs. I do have my doubts about him and that is one reason why I won't make anything to perminent.

    Thank you again and light and love to you.


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