Canser and scoprio will last

  • Hi every one i have a question when you love someone so deeply does it hurt. Because I was living with a Scorpio and I'm cancer and wow its killing me our separation every time we get together we fight why can any one tell me why...

  • I'm no relationship expert - I have issues of my own.......However, I will tell you that I currently love someone very deeply right now and although it hurts sometimes, the happiness outweighs the little hurts here and there. If you are hurt and can't get past it, then maybe your Scorpio is not for you. I can tell you what I know about Scorpios - they have terrible tempers (their words probably sting quite a bit) and hold themselves in a much higher regard than anyone around them. With you being a Cancer, I can see how this would hurt you terribly. I think you wrote that you are seperated ? You may be better creating more positivity for yourself - alone - if all you do is fight when you get together. A relationship should be loving and have mostly positive qualities to it.

  • hello loveypassoinet I'm scorpio and my advise to you is not to show that scorp that they are getting to you so pull back just enough to get their attention. and remember how you two got together in the first place. we don't like to be smothered after we get over the newness then we just want to know that you are there. you should know by now if they really care. and if they do then just hold back a little and find other things or just don't always let it be about them. give little time and see if that gets their attention

  • Hey i'm new here but I'm in the same boat with you . I'm a cancer and he's a scoprio .everytime we get around each other we fuss well come to find out he had cheated on me for two years. I hated that bastard now he said he new it was wrong but. he love me we have been together for 8yrs. he say he has a friend just someone to talk to , but I can't have a male friend I really don't want him anymore ,but its like I'm in this small town it seem like all the men hear are crack heads or assholes . I just don't feel like dating again plus I don't want to have sex with him anymore he tells me sex feels different now . (lol) of coause he had an affair what the hell he expect . I pray to God to get me out of this bullshit ass relationship so for the preys or working because I don't care if I here from him ever again I just had to start gettin out the house you can to keep in touch maybe we can help each other stay strong.

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