Love Triangle, Taurus, Capricorn, Gemini

  • I need help pls! When i met this guy, I realised that i met my soul mate. I am Taurus, birth date 14 May 1981, and he is a Capricorn, birth date 11 Jan 1980. We dated for a year, i thought everything was perfect. Untill one day I found out his seeing someone else. I confronted him, he ignored me for two days, and later that week we broke up. I found out later, that she is his girlfriend now. Ok so i moved on, i was devastated, i tried to start dating again, but whenever i tried to, he would reappear back into my life. The first time he rocked up again after he left me for the other women was a week later. Ever since he has come in and out of my life numerous times. The reason he ends up leaving is because i get upset, cause he continues to have her as his girlfriend, but he makes me promises. So i then ask him to leave and not contact me again. Two weeks goes by and he somehow finds a reason to contact me. His latest, he needed my help with his accounting of his business. Its been almost two months now, that his back into my life. She is still there, he tells me he loves me, but this is not me. I love him with all of me, and i have tried seeing other men, but i always end up wishing he was the one sitting next to me. I have an emptiness in my life when his not around. I hate being the other women, when about a year ago, i was his girlfriend and we were sharing our dreams. Funny though, but now that i am not the gf, i know so much more about him, and he shares so much more of himself. What do i to? Because being part of this love triangle is emotionally draining.

  • Hi “just2ppl”

    If you look some the treads I have saved you may get your answer but things are simple through

    Any woman that get involved with a man that see another woman will never feel satisfy or safe with this man

    She will go to bed wondering where he is and if he is not sleeping with the other woman right now

    Be the girlfriend or the second woman is never a happy situation

    However for the man, he is not losing anything, he may go from right to left and make promises to both of the ladies involved

    Ask yourself this, if he really love you why he is with someone else, it’s bull honey and you know it

    But what I need to tell you is , it’s all about you, you want or hope too much from this man when you should stand for yourself and see the truth

    The truth is you maybe involved with someone that simply cant have a relationship with you or with her

    Why do you accept this kind treatment? Why do you want a man that see someone else, kiss someone else, and sleep with someone else?

    These are the real questions?

    Why would you ever wish to understand or to try with someone like that? Is this man so special, so unique that you need to lower yourself to wait for him when he is not ever waiting for you? He is with someone else. He comes to you when he feel like it and leave the same.

    Don’t you think you deserve more? Or this is the kind pain you are after because all there is to really found is pain and short lived happiness

    Ever if he decide to be your bf later, there is no insurance he wont find someone else in your back or he will stop seeing the other woman

    And with a man, the way you started the relationship is very important, if you started the relationship in way you accepted this kind deal, he wont never change his way with you because you kind didn’t respect yourself with him

    You need to make things clear with a man, you need to teach a man how to respect you from the start if you don’t

    They simply lose respect for you

    I hope I didn’t annoyed you but so many women get in this kind situation it never end nicely and it’s a clear sign that the woman need to find herself and build a stronger self esteem

  • Star2 you are so right.

  • Someone that love you, wont feel the need to go with someone else, I mean what is the point to that

    He can sleep with you, can speak to you cant do all kind things with you so why having someone else and why would wait and wait for what? Is this man the only man in earth???

    Never mind what the issue here, this is not the real issue the real issue here is YOU, you need to open your eyes that you got involved with someone that see someone else then you have somehow agree to this and now your need have changed and you want him for yourself but you don’t know how to bring this to him

    The thing is ,it’s not about him, obviously he hasn’t changed, he was involved with you and got with someone else and now he his the bf of someone else but still have you on side

    He didn’t change but you have

    Chance is this man is not right at all for you

    But right now his actually perfect to wake you up and to tell you to want more from your life then this situation

    His the man actually show you , you need to demand respect from the man you want to be with

    This man, he is not the one that is losing out, NO why would he, he has two women that want him

  • thank you Star2u, yes you are so right. I do realise all you telling me, and i do know that i am worth so much more. I Never honestly thought i would ever be in a situation like this, and one day i open my eyes and BOOM im here. And yes i sometimes do wonder how he can tell me he loves me, but yet i need to be happy with the circumstances. Was just hoping that astrology or something could makes things just a little more clear

  • Hi”Just2ppl”

    The situation is crystal clear you just looking for more reason to deny what you have in front of you.

    Listen to your heart and the feeling you get from the situation and you see how clear it is

    Feeling the anger inside and the pain you feel when you think his with her right now, kissing or hugging her

    What does it feel??

    You are best friend but when you deny and lie to yourself you can become your worst enemy

    Why do you do this to yourself, once again do you think this man is so Unique, So special or deserve more of your own need then you have to deny yourself for him

    Why do you do this to yourself, His not losing anything, his getting is need met by any of you any day he wish

    To me it seems you need to love yourself Urgently

    The more you chase this man the more you trade something essential about you, you shut the real you out for this man, you shut the alarm that said: How can he be with someone else when he said he love me? HOW can this be? Tell me.

    If one of your friends will tell something like this what would you tell them??

    Think and stop chasing a man that is not giving you fully what you are after, this is a sign you need to be back in yourself more and love yourself more

    Its not about him, it’s you

  • i m saying this in good heart darling so i hope you take it well, you cant involved yourself with a man that see another woman, there simply too much pain involved

    one day you look at how it made you really feel and you be wondering why you didnt react early on at the situation

    Imagine this: imagine you get pregnant and the other woman too in same time, can you imagine the horror, your kids wont have a serious father

    when we get involved with a man, there is always a chance a life can come from the story, it's our great responsibility to make sure we and our children are safe and are getting their need met

    right now with this man you cant insure that to happen

    i m sure you are a very pretty woman, why are you with this man, what is it that you are really after to be with a guy that sleep and involved himself with another woman?

  • by the way you called this thread LOVE triangle, this is not love

    he may tell you and her the same things, same promise this is may why she still in too

    but this kind man, love noone of you

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