• Rising the dream has a starting point n ill hand u takes on what i think it may mean BUT i´d still like ur take onit,

    last time i spoke to ma i told monday i send in the paper work to get the union aid n tuesday i hafta call in ill as ive been ill 14 days by then, mom flat out spat u do that n return to work tuesday n report well again, that way u dont need to call the union. it stung bc its typical her. whenever we´re ill she wants us well before we is. we call it work flaw n personality by trade flaw. im not gonna bc if im not well im not well n u cant hurry illness like this. no one can not even docs.

    I also spoke to my bro´s wife n she mentioned 10 days n thats 1½ weeks . that also stuck as i slept.

    anyhews it was this i had in mind as i fell asleep. I dreamt we was at docs n mom spat i needed surgery too, on me left eye as i couldnt see out of it. i looked at her bc up till she said i couldnt, so as i looked at her it was indeed semi close to shut.

    SMACK scene at icecream bar, sis asked how many of us wanted icecream cones with scoops init. i saw chocolate icecream in various colors n other flavors, n ended by the cone stand, where one had gotten an ice, i guess her kid. useally the icecream is good but here it was frozen chopped cubes, liek ice chips the kinds us woman get when in labour? my sis swamped by me n the one holding the cones said its not 3 its 1½ n again i saw it, cones as cones r, 1½ something bluishgreen rest ice chips. more blue now i think of it

    then i awoke.

    the eye thing i think is moms interpretation of all i do see n say, distorted limited somehow.

    the ice chips i feel r what will happen when i aiont continuing with plan b which is the education ............ the blue as in charlies eyes as in trust the blue eyes ........... i dunno

    can u help?


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