Second Opinion On My Celtic Cross Spread

  • Background: I did a Celtic Cross Spread for myself last night. I have my own intuition about what it is telling me, but I would love any outside insight because sometimes I can be too close to the forest to see the trees. 😉

    I will attempt to upload the picture of the spread as well.

    I use a Morgan Greer deck. The question I asked was, "What does September look like for me?"

    Here is what I drew:

    1: Five of Cups

    2: Ten of Cups

    3: Nine of Cups

    4: The Empress

    5: The Star

    6: Seven of Cups

    7: Three of Wands

    8: Two of Wands

    9: Knight of Swords

    10: Three of Swords

    Thanks in advance to any thoughts you might have! I will post my initial reaction to the spread later.

  • I am not sure why the Add Images upload didn't work...

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