ALL CANCER MALES!!!! a Question For You

  • why does cancer man seem unsure of what he feels in the relationship? why is it that whenever he takes one step forward he takes two steps back? and cuts the contact for a while then come back as if nothing was wrong?

    my cancerian guy is driving me insane for a year our relationship is on and off without me knowing. what is it that us girls should do about it so they can commit or stick to their gf?


  • Well I cant speak for everyone but maybe he wants to test your level of commitment... kind of acting, and then putting the ball in your court, and seeing what you'll do, how you'll re-act, and then based on your action (or inaction) decides how much faith and energy and trust he should put into the relationship. I personally have to see a reflected emotional investment before I take it significantly further... I'm not gonna put myself out there if someones not going to give it effort in return, and maybe thats what he's tryign to gauge.

    Also be aware of the fact that with the moon, no two days are the same, and that people governed by it are just as changeable. Try not to play the relationship game (not saying you are); but just be open and honest and yourself, and let love flow from yourself; be transparent and he should pick up on it.

  • Passionate87 - my cancer is driving me insane too. i feel you girl.

    Duke78 - i'd like to hear your opinion about my situation as well. much appreciated 🙂

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