Dear Shuabby...

  • ...please can you help me with some insight from you?

    I would love you to take a look into my career path (as to what I should really venture into). Please could you tell me if there is something new coming up. I crave a change...


    D.O.B. 30 May 1982

  • Sunshinebabe82

    It feels like you may get bored easy. Action is what you crave and it could be mind action needed. You could venture into a career where you do sales like HSN or QVC as your energy feels like you would do well at that> you also may want to do something in the medical field like administrative type work and talk to people most of the day. Something new will be inspired by you in the next year, not now as it feels like things are not moving out there job wise for many. Around your birthday you will step into a bright new career that comes to you like magic.

  • Thank you Shuabby for your insight.

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