Master of my own Destiny or is it written in the stars....

  • The below account is something Ive been thinking about the last while and I was hoping to get some peoples opinions on this.

    Ive had a few readings from people both on this website and by other readers; mainly about love I might add. Its because of these readings that I am wondering if I am the master of my own destiny?

    Do I have the ability to change my life path or is it predestined (as I put it “written in the stars”).

    What does everyone think?

  • Hello,

    Yes you are the master of your own distiny. Readers read your energy and give you the answer to the question ask. If for example you were looking for a dog. The reader picks up the dog wanted and conveys to you the message that the dog is coming in and perhaps they may tell you some about the dog. However, if a week goes by and you deceide of your own free will that you can't afford the dog or other things considered, that does not make the psychic wrong. It simply means you choose to change your mind.

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