Captain, please! I'm falling for a Leo

  • Compatibility has nothing to do with age. A lot of the attraction here is lust-based. Passions can run high and over-bearing tendencies can surface but these passions must be mastered, so long as this can be achieved with dignity and choice. No attempt should be made to break the relationship's strongly independent spirit. This relationship will be like trying to tame a tiger.

    Contention is likely to arise between you, since it will be extremely difficult for either of you to admit to mistakes. The end of a knock-down, drag-out argument may come in the form of exhaustion or an uneasy truce, but rarely of compromise or apology. Perhaps the most realistic approach is to agree to disagree, or at least to agree not to argue. Unfortunately, this will do little to help solve the relationship's problems. Hard work will be required to keep the channels of communication open and to move forward toward building acceptance and understanding.

    Both of you are emotionally deep individuals who live in a world of complex feelings. The passionate aspect of an erotic relationship between you may well become an outlet for each of you to express such feelings, whether positive or negative, and your relationship may accordingly prove highly satisfying and even long-lasting. The control of tumultuous energies being so crucial here, however, strong emotions that threaten the relationship's stability will probably lead to its breakup. Even so, it may reach an intensity that both of you will remember for a lifetime. Should some kind of balance or direction of the determined and willful energies present here be possible, much can be achieved. But it will take a lot of effort on both sides.

    The key to developing trust in this relationship may lie in the area of admitting mistakes and weaknesses. Any act of forgiveness here, any resistance to a tendency to blame or lay on guilt trips, may prove a major triumph. Ultimately, the taming of the tiger requires mutual respect, patience, and perserverance. Master-slave will not work. Balance those wayward energies.

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