Past lives?

  • I wonder if anyone could help me. I am posting this under Anything Goes because I have no idea where else it should belong. I have been having kind of flash pictures for a while now about kids in concentration camps in the Second World War, at least I presume that is when it is. I do not know if these are past life flash backs or if one of my children is projecting them to me, namely my third one (nearly 4)who goes in to a foetal position whenever she hears a really loud noise and has always done so. Is there anyone who might be able to give a bit of insight? They are not nice pictures and I usually ban them from my head.

    THankx x

  • Hello Paddifluff:

    I have one thought that comes to me when I read your post. Is it possable that there are spirits in your house? Maybe children? I say this because kids are very sensitive to them and respond to them sometimes in a strange way depending on the circumstances in the death.

  • Hi jjgurlz, well I did used to have kid spirits in my house but they appeared usually just before I got pregnant and disappeared as soon as I got pregnant. The last one was here before I got pregnant with my last child, she was about 8 years old and I got a very great feeling of lonliness from here, like she wanted to join in but couldn't becasue she was a spirit. She has not returned since I got pg with my last. Actually I even heard her calling me. And saw her. it was spooky. I don't know if my youngest has her soul, I don't think so. The house was built at the end of the 1960s and we are the second inhabitants, and there has never been a death or aything violent here. I do not feel spirits here, I feel no evil, no presence actually except for the angels aroud me and my family.

  • Dear Paddifluff,

    Hi (its me lilacrose ive changed my username )have you checked out the records of your house? maybe it could be something to do with the land , not the actual house .

    I think its wonderful that you feel angels around you.

    Love and light Mags

  • Sorry Paddifluff i meant to say have you checked out the records of your property ?

  • Hmm no I ahven't done that. This is Northern Holland and most of the land including the land we ar eon has been recovered from the sea, but I am not sure when. That will be interesting I will check it out. And you know I actually thought I saw another child today. May have been my imagination. I hope there is not another bun in the oven...

  • Dear Sheelagh ,

    If you are this will be number 5 is that right? It will be interesting to see what you can find out have you asked the locals they might know something especially the old people in your community , at least you dont feel any negative energy in the house thats a good thing . How are the children dressed ? what time period do they look like they come from? they are obvisouley very attracted to you for them to show themselves maybe you remind them of their own mother ,and they feel safe and secure being around you .

  • Naw I got sterilised after nr.4 because I did not want the pressure again from my hubby telling me to abort (never push a bull right they only dig in deeper) and he wouldn't do it for some ethical reason so there won't be any more. I don't mind the spirits being around me, they are not evil, we just co-exist.

  • I had it done after number 3 because my hubby was to scared to have the chop and i have to tell you ive had nothing but trouble since now im feeling nausea everyday have to go back to the quacks i think i have a hormone imbalance .

    I have to tell you that i think your name paddifluff is so cute it makes me think of ducks for some reason.

  • Men they are useless aren't they. I have had no problems after mine, I did the 20 minute Essure procedure, in and out, only problem I have is regret really though I know I had to do it.

    Lol a duck. My youngest daughter loves ducks.

  • I totally agree with you there, i had mine done after giving birth to my 3rd by cesaerean ,

    my hubby begged me not to do it when he heard of some of the compications but someone had to take a stand i mean im not getting any younger .

  • My hubby said he would do it as well out of solidarity but he chickened out. I was googling last night about the rate of pregnancies after sterilisatio using the essure method and I was absolutely stunned in to silence by the number of women who reported pgs on forums, healthy ones too, after confirmation that the procedure was successful. Essure says 99.9% and no known cases. The docs are supposed to report them but they keep them quiet because they get high commissions.

    Anyway this is far away from my original post.

  • Yes it is sorry i hope that you can find someone who can help you out with your original post

    Take care Mags i will reply to you in the here goes anything thread

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