Why is pisces guy ignoring my texts..........

  • Hey!! I need advice in the worst way. ...I started seeing this guy and he seemed REALLY into me and always responded to me ...our last convo was thro text of how his brother wont leave him alone about me and asked if he could show him a pic of me, and I said yes...OF how he missed me that day, and how he has been dodging questions all day so on so forth...OK yesterday I text 2 times...one around 2 pm then another asking if he was ok because it never took him this long to respond and that was around 9pm...still nothing and its the next day...i am so confused and have went over and over in my head what i could have did or said to make him ignore me and i have come up with nothing. we just started seeing each other n went out on our first date and he was telling me how he has never dated someone as pretty as me and how I intimidate him. making sly sexual flirty remarks. I have not slept with him and made it clear to him when he ask me out I would go only if he was not just after one thing. he is a local cop and he pulled me over not 3days ago to scare me into thinking i had got a ticket and it wasnt him that pulled me over ...he had his buddy come out to my door and his buddy said ill be right back and then he appears at my door and said ok ill let u go only if u go on second date with me....i didnt say yes or no and we laughed and i cursed lol...so we carried on and the last thing that was said in text was day before yesterday and i included it.....so PLZ tell me whats going on?????? I keep looking at my cell hoping to hear from him but nothing and i really like this guy

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  • No its just he has never did this before, and if i ignore a guy it means I don't want to deal with him anymore

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  • I am a typical libra...Him not answering me is ignoring to me and that drives me nuts!! I believe in communication...if busy when i text ...then text me back saying ur busy! dont just blow me off

  • im a pisces and i ignore peoples texts if i dont want them in that way.

    If i like someone i always text back, i make an effort to, even use someone elses phone as i want to speak to them. if im not interested i just ignore/not bother untill they get the message./

  • yeah im the same way thats what i was thinking, but he seemed really into me and told me he was then he just ignored me out of the blue yesterday and havent heard from him today

  • im soooooo confused

  • it sucks

    happened to me on many occasions. don't know why I guess not everyone wants us and we have to accept we are not everyone's perfect cup of tea. there are alot of people out there, we just have to move on and live in hope that someone new and good will be around the corner.

    try not to worry please, there isn't always an explanation for guys being the way they are. if he's into you 9 times out of ten you WILL know it,

    |I have had amazing first dates and not heard back, its baffled me.#move on tomorrow is a bright new day and you never know who you are going to meet at anytime so be positive. there are many ladies in the same position as you, and men also...so lets think positive and not dwell on the things we cannot change.

    love and peace

  • I always fall back on the direct approach. Something like, "I really like you and thought you were feeling the same. This abrupt halt to our communication has confused me. If I said something or did something please tell me so we can talk it over. I hope to hear from you as soon as possible. Thanks"

    Then he is open and you talk. Or he is not and then why would you waste your time anyway?

  • I have a hunch it's a game he is playing with you. he wants to keep you interested and in suspense.

    my other impression is that he does want to be alone for now. he is thinking, but he will be back.

    don't trust his buddy. they pick on him a lot, and tease him. they tell him he won't get lucky with you, and his ego is bruised up. don't worry he will be back.

    just play it cool. Sunny

  • correction: his buddies, more than one. they are real a s s h o l e s


  • @Ms Sunny

    Thanks for the insight ....I would hope he would be- He acted REALLY into me, but I played my cool with him. When he said missed ya today in a text...I over looked that part on purpose, and responded to the other part which was his family asking questions about me bc they knew he and I went on a date, and apparently this is the first one in a long time so....I was like oh? what kind of questions...ANYHOW its just got me mind F&$*ED lol....I did not text him at all today and I seen him out on patrol more than once and wouldnt look in his direction...He hasn't text me at all and this makes the 2nd day...I REALLY like this guy just HOPE he is thinking and thats all it is or playin the " game" with me

    praying he texts tomorrow ....ARE they always like this???

  • correction on the missed ya today part (lack of sleep) I meant 2 days ago sorry

  • this is day 3 for him n 2 for me

  • Well day 3 is over and now on day 4 of no contact from him,,,,,,,,,,UGH THIS IS KILLING ME 😞 WHAT DID i DO>>>? SHOULD i contact him??

  • im a pisces, ignoring text is like breathing to me LOL. i either do that when I take no interest at all in a person, i wana keep them on there feet, or if I'm in my own world thinking and contemplating things. I know when I really like someone and care I respond instantly. but he'll hit you back dont worry. it takes time for us to think anout things

  • Just a little thought here, hope you don't mind me having my take on all this method of texting, it seems that most of you ignore the ones you don't like? well, the first thing that came to my mind is if you are doing it to others it's bound to happen to you! as you may know "we get what we give" etc, as you maybe have caused the same things you are feeling to the ones you have ignored?....so you are getting all this confusion and "heartache" for nothing.....what's wrong with telling someone straight away that you don't really want to see them any more!!!...and maybe in time you get the same respect back!...it will save yourselves a lot of hassle and confusion in the long run and help you move on.....

    I sincerely hope I didn't come across all dictatorial here, not my intention? I just wanted to point out what I felt was happening....:)

  • well i was thinking hun it might be where i was so serious about things like i wouldnt joke around with him when he would make flirty sexy texts i would brush them off....he once told me to remove the stick up my but LOL so tomorrow is day 4 and i was thinking about sending him a texts that would be WAY out of context with me and saying

    Hey handsome!! I have concluded I am gonna have to feed you patron ( he told me last time we chatted that I could take advantage of him cause he was drinking patron and I brushed him off) while hand cuffing you to the bed wearing nothing but smile to get your sexy ass to tell me when this second date is you wanted so badly lol j/k or am I? 🙂

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