Virgo & virgo

  • girl I like is hard to get to know. never sure what is going on with her. sometimes seems distanct and aloof so I do the same. I am older than her by five years but not sure if that has anything to do with it. when I do spend time with her it is like she is real into me and I feel real good then all of a sudden it goes backwards again. what in the world is going on here, or should I just give the cold shoulder and forget it?

  • Hi, Could really be any number of things. If she is like me, then she's in no hurry to rush into anything. I guess time will tell. I wouldn't pursue a meaningful relationship where you are being taken for granted or best interests are not involoved. She may not be ready or feels like she is being put on the "spot." Just some ideas. Give the relationship a chance. I have some close friends that are Virgo. Sometimes Virgo's move quickly.

  • thanks I appreciate the feedback. I am virgo too. think any conflict there? conversations are great and very deep which I find equally attractive and stimulating. Have you ever dated a virgo guy Dalia?

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