Cancer girl & leo boy

  • hey so i have a bf he is a leo i love him soo much. He makes me happy and im alittle sucidal and he prevented me from going to kill myself thats pretty much when we started dating. im kinda worried about our realation ship because he seems to be off with me sometimes like yesterday i wrote on his facebook "i love you" and he deleted it and his status is set to single but we have been dating for 1 month and ahalf he says he would never hurt me but its hard for me to beileve it sometimes does anyone know what might be up with him to behave in this way?

  • I get what you're going through (I'm a Cancer with a Leo boyfriend also; we've been together four months). The two of you are both affectionate people and generally compatible. However, Leos do care a lot about appearances sometimes--it could be he's not ready for the world to know he loves you. Also, a month and a half is something of a short time to be saying "I love you". In addition, he could've been afraid he would get mercilessly teased by his friends and/or family if he left the "I love you" post up, even if he was ecstatic to see it. Same thing with the "Single" situation. I wouldn't worry too much about it (as long as he doesn't, say, introduce you as just a friend to people or pretend you aren't a couple when you're out together). I'm not much of a fan of Facebook or Myspace because of all the issues they cause in relationships, things that would not even BE issues if the sites didn't exist.

    Another thing to remember is that Leos like a bit of a challenge. Don't always be the one to call him--he's bound to call you. Play (a little!) hard to get.

    If you can give me yours and his birth dates, I can tell you specific things about your compatibility. Good luck, and best wishes!

  • Hello Junemoon26,

    I am a cancer woman DOB 6/25/68 and have recently met a leo man DOB 8/19/76 and was wondering what you see for us in the future. I feel like he could be my soul mate but sometimes wonder if it is just wishful thinking, however I do feel a certain connection to him. He has even commented that we are like magnets that keep being drawn to each other.

    thanks in advance for your assistance.

  • Hi, ccol625. It's funny, your birthday is one day away from mine (June 26), though not the same year. I would be happy to help you (I would have sooner but I haven't gone on the Internet the past few days).

    It's very possible that you and the Leo man are soul mates. You are deeply compatible--you are both affectionate and fun-loving. You are dazzled by his outgoing nature, and he is drawn to your intelligence. You have the same outlook; you both believe in making the most out of life and likely both enjoy going out to parties and other events. You are both romantic (and sentimental at times). Just remember that he can be a little blunt at times, and don't take it personally (I know this from the relationship with my Leo). He will make you feel secure, loved, and protected, and your attention and affectionate nature will always make him feel appreciated.

    Finally, you are both loyal and commited. Take things slow at first, but this looks like a wonderful relationship in the making! Good luck, and best wishes!

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