• hello

    I use tarot and angel cards...but new to runes..I have bought a pack online.

    any advice or info about them would be much appreciated...or if you have had experience with them?

    Love and Peace



  • hi kezza

    I've been doing runes for a while and one thing i felt that helped me learn was to find out the exact meaning of each rune's name, and meditate on it. take for example the first rune in the futhark "Fehu" which means cattle. or a much simpler one would be "Kennaz" which is torch. the meanings of the runes will follow the properties associated with the said rune's literal translation. Look up books by Freya Aswynn or Galina Krasskova for reference.

    I assume you have a 24 Rune Elder Futhark set?

  • yes i do.

    thankyou helps alot! I am waiting for them to arrive 🙂

  • Thats nice. You can probably find some help somewhere around here.

    I wish Kennaz, Fehu and Jera be with you in your journey to know the runes.

  • 😄

    Bless you

  • p.s i love scorpios!

  • I'm flattered. thanks

  • So how are things with the runes?

  • good thaNkyou, Although they are not as clear to interpret with quick easy answers like tarot, so i am not using them so much.

    any tips?


  • it takes time to get the hang of things

    Took me about a year pf practice to give some remotely accurate readings using them. You need to be very open minded about the runes because unlike tarot one symbol could stand for many things. In a way I would recommend you try to understand the symbol, "why the shape" "why can this be reversed and another cannot?" these are things you can ponder about. Another is the exact meaning of the runes, the literal translation and how that translation would normally affect day to day lives. Once you get to the third Aett of the runes however it becomes deeper and more divine in nature. Take it slow, one rune at a time. May i know what youre using as reference?

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