Problem with the cancer man! please help

  • well I met this guy last year and he was really into me as soon as we started taking via internet. he liked my looks first but then we talked over the phone every night for about 6 hours that he even had to stay up till 7h a.m. eventhough he works at 8h! this went well but he wasn't telling me he loves me all the time he just says it whenever he calls me and finds me half asleep so I wouldn't remember maybe! however he broke up with me saying I deserve someone better but he never stopped contacting me and whenever we meet he acts like he is my bf then when i move back to my city which is like 2 hours far from his, we stay in touch every day he calls or I call and he never wants to hung up the phone even when i fall asleep but whenever he says I love you or I say it to him he just changes 180 degrees the next day! he would go either like cold with me or he would tell me that we should move on and then 2 weeks later he talks to me again.

    I heard I am his first gf and he is 22 he was always into dating but never got into a relationship but then he did with me. and I remember one time he told me he was scared because he was free and now he thinks about me all the time even when he is working or in class or with his friends and this is all new to him!

    so what is up with my cancerian man? if that helps he's born in June 29th

  • and this has been going on for a year.

  • Is your relationship 100% long distance? You mention a lot of phone calls, but not many times when you see him face to face.

    If this is a relationship just based on phone calls and emails, his wishy washy tendencies could stem from that. I have Cancer ascendant in my chart and I know that for me the physical contact (the nurturing and feeling nurtured in turn) is key to my happy mental state. He might be the same, or there might be some other reason that the long distance relationship is not working.

    If you are spending time together in person, what are those times like?

  • no we actually meet I go visit him and he is all over me when he sees me.. he keeps holding my hands and hugs me real tight then kisses me but he always wants to hold my hand and lean on me or sth he kept telling me he is into me but we both are not sexually active cause we both wait till marriage to have sex 🙂

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