Need help with a relationship...please

  • New relationship. He is an aries, I am a taurus. I am head over heels, and he told me he was too...a few weeks ago. Now he seems to be pulling away...becoming distant. He says he is very busy with work, and I know he is, just want to know if there is more to it. Please help...I have truly strong feelings for this man...he is amazing.

    thank you

  • Aries are usually very bold and in your face so I would think that now that he said how he feels about you....that's it, it's time to enjoy it! The distance is not personal to the relationship, it's personal to him....go slowly with your aries, for he will take two steps forward then one step back. Good Luck 🙂

  • Hi, Pay attention to YOUR feelings. I hate to post certain things but did you take the time to get to know this person. In other words, is the conquest over. Don't want to be too descriptive here. I would back-off also and see what happens. In other words, let him come to you in a major way.

  • Yes, we connected on a very deep level. We have so much in common, come from common backgrounds. If I designed a man for me, it would be him. THe distance started when he was busy at work 7 am to midnight sometimes. I am doing my best to be supportive and not be a distraction. He says he is just spent from work and he has said that he will always be honest with me. He also said he would never hurt me.

    Aries are usually straight forward you say? SO I should trust what he says and give him space to get through this busy time at work?

  • I hate to agree with dalia, but you need to let him come to you. If he is truly as interested in you, but he is "spent from work", then he will start to make time for you. BUT - if he is not that interested in you as he used to be, you should let it go. I have learned that men change their minds far more than women do - and that' s on them.

  • I know exactly how you feel. I am involved with a man with whom we both clicked and he also has a very demanding job. he left his wife way before me. And recently he has been busier then usual so i am starting to feel the pressure of not be needed. He insisit that that is not the case that he is just very busy. He has a minister that has told him to walk away from me and try to reconcile with his wife. He says that I am important to him right up next to his kids and I do believe him but it certainly hard when you are the last to be remembered. So i am going to hang in for a while longer and see what happens. He is a good guy just really confused about his feelings. Neither one of us want to live with or marry each other just some time with each other.

  • Hi NanaJo, Read your post, wanted to respond to a point you made. I got the feeling that he is probably talking to the minister about reconciling. I thought it might be important to consider this.Why not tell him that he should do what's best for himself and family and just leave it at that, since there is nothing in the future as you stated. Just some thoughts. That way you are more in control of the situation. If he reconsiders a relationship w/you in the future it will be more on your terms. The ball is totally in his court right now.

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