What does this Scorpio want from me? And is he a "true" Scorpio?

  • I'm new and I'm glad I found this forum and I've been lurking a bit here and enjoying reading the scorpio posts, looks like confusion about them is pretty universal πŸ™‚

    Right now my instincts are a little bit out of practice. I didn't plan on this, I'm not even sure how I feel, I have to be careful sometimes because I tend to develop feelings too quickly though not very often.

    Basically I need some insight...does he trust me or is beginning to? See me as a friend? Romantically attracted? Just wants sex...in the future,we can't now anyways.

    A couple things to preface:

    1. I am older than him by a few years (lets just say we were born in different decades πŸ™‚ However, I look younger than him (seriously).

    2. I'm a Sagittarius female. We don't have the best reps either but I have a lot of anxiety about guys 😞 that's probably why I'm usually such a clown.

    3. We became acquainted under some unusual circumstances (won't say here, you can use your imagination or contact me privately)

    4. We've only known each other only a few months and soon we will part ways (unless he wants to stay in touch).

    5. Finally, I have no illusions that I've got him all figured out...whatever I know is only a fraction of who he is, but he seems to tell me more and more...

    Ok, on to the "evidence" or whatever.

    -- He seemed aloof for a while until one day I told him in not so many words to get over himself (it was really just being uncomfortable not stuck-up). He actually thought i was funny and relaxed a little. I read somewhere that Sadge girls are probably the only ones who can get away with calling a scorpio out without it pissing him off.

    -- He has that Scorpio stare/gaze...I always have to look away first...except recently sometimes I say things that make him look away. Usually when I say something I've observed about him.

    -- He is very driven, goal oriented and organized, self-disciplined and mostly keeps to himself (other than talking to me) but he's loosened up a little on the last part, he's more sociable now. But recently he's expressed some ambivalence about his future. first time I saw he didn't have it figured out.

    -- We tease each other and make each other laugh in front of other people. I'm a sucker for a guy with a sense of humor. Not as much anymore and not so much when its just us, maybe that's good maybe not. I even teased him (cautiously) about being a scorpio. I only found out by accident but I woulda guessed.

    -- He never ever puts me down or makes me feel badly.

    -- He’s a tiny bit passive-aggressive (but would say otherwise if asked)...I could almost sense when I've pushed a button like discussing another guy who is in my life as a friend, next day he calls up some girl when he knows i'm around to hear it to meet him for food or something (his communication is usually very private and usually by text so it was weird).

    -- He is very intelligent and accomplished so its a bit intimidating for me but unlike what I read about Scorpio's he has discounted his accomplishments (ie no big deal, luck) when I have talked about being down about my failures and say how smart he is.

    -- Among other people, he fronts like he has it together, all confident and mysterious, but I see through it and sometimes I call him on it, privately. Actually I've never seen him talk at length with any other girls (or anyone really) but I know he likes it when the other girls flirt with him. I just ignore it even though I get a tiny bit envious because its a different kind of communication style.

    -- He said once he doesn't trust anyone in front of others. I asked him (privately) is that really true and why and he admitted to me privately that he is jaded but confessed he does eventually trusts people.

    -- He also says he doesn't care what people think of him and I said that can't be true or that would make you a sociopath πŸ™‚ and he admitted it came out wrong. And all his behavior (the nervousness etc indicates otherwise).

    -- He notices when something is wrong with me...he doesn't ask he just says it. He notices my insecurities but he doesn't make me feel bad about them, just points them out, I just don't like it when its in front of other people.

    -- He did an ROAK of sorts for me once that was probably one of the most thoughtful things anyone has ever done for me (and I'm a fool, that's all it takes to get my attention!). He was so nervous about it but it touched me I had crossed his mind πŸ™‚

    -- I give him a lot of attention and I am sometimes a bit nervous around him too but don't know if he notices that. I realized he needs the attention and I need to start letting my guards down a little so I'm happy to give it especially since it is genuine. He seems to like it or he wouldn't be around me yeah.

    -- He almost always comes to me...if he doesn't, I pretty much leave him be. We're both moody.

    -- He doesn't mind me asking questions but he doesn't ask many about me (this one is confusing). Which is fine, I don't like talking about myself anyway, and why should I wait for him to ask?

    -- I've always had a hard time making myself vulnerable but, mostly because I don't know how to edit myself very well, stuff I wouldn't necessarily want others to know just spills out occasionally. He usually doesn't react one way or another and that is fine with me. He still talks to me.

    -- Once he had a chance to hang out casually with me and some other people. At the last minute he bailed (something better came up, not sure). That confused me...if he likes me he wouldn't waste a chance to be around me would he? It was hard to not take that personally at first but he did explain it later.

    -- On the rare occasion that I think he's annoyed with me or I'm confused by things he says, I'll ask him, if I think I've done something to annoy him, I'll ask him. Of course he says no. That's neither here nor there though.

    -- he does the disappearing thing. used to be he said where he was, now he kinda says why he's taking off. i let him walk away first. i'm not interested in playing games. but he does disappear a little abruptly. one time he was gone for 2 weeks though and i didn't know it was going to be that long and I was actually sad.

    -- Kinda silly but he keeps showing up on my friends suggestion list on facebook but neither of us have added each other. we have several acquantances in common but I think they are adding him not the other way around (he's attractive but he doesn't talk to any of these people at length that I have seen). neither of us have added the other. i know why i haven't not sure why he hasn't.

    -- Other than that, I do instinctively get the feeling he is genuine in behavior and the things he says to me though I know he fronts in front of others.

    K, so help me out here, can someone interpret this behavior and give me some kind insight as to does he like me, trust me (because this all has happened over the course of about 3 months, that seems pretty short time to get a scorpio to trust you yeah?), see me as a friend, an older sister, what...?

    And if someone has a crystal ball maybe you can enlighten me as to whether this behavior indicates he's just in my life for a little while and then he's gone or...what does he want?

  • omg that is so long, wish i could delete, edit and repost?

  • I am a Scorpio...with the bad luck of falling for anotherSscorpio. The highs and lows of this five year relationship is killing me. A word to the wise...leave Mr. Scorpio alone, unless you are very tough!!

  • Hi, I know what you mean on the thread being soooo long. I done the same, and think shoot, can I edit? nope. that is one feature we need for sure.

    I agree on scorps. well, at least from my experience, you better be tough and strong, and scorps are pretty intense.

    what you could find out is what signs are his natal planets Mars and Venus is in? this will tell you a whole lot more than sun/moon/ascendant.

    mars is your energy, how you project into the world, your temperament, and sexuality.

    venus is how you love another and how others love you.

    for example, I have planet mars in the sign of Scorpio and in the 8th house. when i get mad, better look out, I can get nasty. but I do have excellent instincts about people, and I am very private. I love mystery, and the paranormal. that is just for starters lol

    Ms Sunny

  • BTW, I am sun sign Leo, and my moon is in Taurus with ascendant in Pisces.

  • I just ran my birth chart thing and it says:

    Sun Sign: Sagittarius

    Moon - Gemini

    Rising Sign - Capricorn

    Mercury in Capricorn

    Venus in Capricorn

    Ascendant in Capricorn, Sun in Sagittarius

    I am still trying to understand what all that means...

  • wow, you have a lot of earth there... very grounded you are... are you an artist by chance?

    what is your Mars?

    most likely you are a very hard and tireless worker. I am picking up media or constant news information coming to you..

  • Thanks bsbaby and Ms. Sunny, especially for reading all that πŸ™‚

    Ok, took me a bit but here's the rest of the info, not that I understand what it all means :):

    Mars sign is in Sag in 11th house

    Moon Gemini 5th house

    Ascendant Capricorn 1st house

    Venus Capricorn in 1st house

    Is there anything I'm missing?

    I don't think I can get his info without knowing his birth time can I?

  • LOL, nope not an artist but i am creative but still right brain oriented so ideas as opposed to visually and have always been entrepreneurial by nature though I ignored it for many years and did other stuff.

    I'm intelligent but not an especially hard worker i don't think...or maybe the work just doesn't seem that hard lol.

  • k, his Moon, Venus and Mars are in Virgo but not sure how accurate that is without a birth time. wonder what that means...going to go look it up now.

    darn, i really am curious now...i won't see him for a couple more days. i had a bad experience with a scorp few years ago, if i knew this one was a scorp before i started talking to him, i probably would have stayed away or approached him differently given how last experience left a bad taste in my mouth...and its a good thing I didn't do that actually.

  • wow, that is a lot of Virgo there. most likely he is a healer and psychic. might want to take your time with this one ok? takes a long time to get to know someone... no matter what sign you are, there are skeletons in everyone's closets.

    you can't fit a square peg into a round hole.. if you are compatible, then you are, if you are not, it will become apparent soon enough.

    geez, slow down, I am getting dizzy. your mind is racing trying to figure him out. perhaps that is what I picked up, your head is spinning with questions, ideas, and it's endless.

    I do feel he has many secrets and is not going to share all of them with you. reserve and cautious and you will need to learn to respect his privacy.

    he prefers women to be of low maintenance... he can be frugal, and you are as well.. learn patience, and tactfulness with your words will go a long way.

    Blessed be, Sunny

  • Thanks, you got me Ms. Sunny, lol. I'm a talker, can't help it, as a Sag that's pretty much a given yeah? One of the things I don't like about my sign so much...Scorp's need mystery and I am not all that mysterious though I do have my secrets for sure. Which is what often keeps me from getting close to people, though in general, what you see is pretty much what you get.

    I am surprised all my curiosity hasn't driven him away yet and I don't want to do that. I'll try to keep it light(er) and see how that goes. Its a strange situation right now, in a month or so, time will tell if we can really be friends...I don't know what we are now but I do enjoy his company. True, probably overthinking it but I've learned all men must be handled with care and Scorps more so I guess (based upon my prior experience with one who started out innocent enough and wound up being one of the "dark, vindictive, unforgiving types".

  • I've known a few vindictive, dark, unforgiving types in the sign of Scorpio. they would rather sting you first than to get stung by another.

    having said that, I feel it could be true of any sign...

    if you play the game right, and with a scorp, it's all about testing you, and can drive you insane. lol

    you could win his heart.

    be enigmatic would work with this guy..

  • Uh oh, I am charming and charismatic by nature (sometimes i think there is no one who "fits" me and I am too eccentric) but enigmatic, hmm...that would require effort and unless it means tweaking my behavior a little then that to me means being false or playing games (and scorps can play them better than anyone can't they?) and at this point in my life, I have no interest in anything but authenticity among those close to me. I am facing a hard decision to cut ties with people like that, as he knows.

    Winning his heart is not my priority right now although I have to admit that is very encouraging to hear πŸ™‚ Knowing he is being authentic in his behavior towards me is. If it is, I'm willing to having feelings for, and care about someone with much less fear of being hurt. Trust is a two way street...or is it really with some people. This is a learning experience for me in a way.

    Sorry for the long posts, I'm just hoping the more I explain, the better someone's crystal ball is πŸ˜‰ I would not have this need to understand the scorpio male were it not for my last experience...I'll be honest, astrology has always interested me but I felt foolish putting much faith in it, but experience has told me people do resemble a lot of their signs traits so perhaps its worth paying more attention!

    Ok, thanks for listening, your insight means a lot.

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