Help with Mercury retrogade

  • In todays article of do's and dont it tells us that we should not take a job during this period. I took a job offer this Friday 20 and will start work on the 24th. I had to take it otherwise I am ruined. So what do I now?

  • are not ruined. Mercury Retrograde also brings back that which was lost to us before. In this case, it is bringing back your work.

    My fear has been that retrograde delays things. I have submitted paperwork to get approval for school. I have a 30 day window to get things approved so that I can start school. My fear is that the paperwork will have 'glitches' and I will be delayed for school. However, the retrograde ends on the 12th so there is still a good chance that I can straighten things out if they need to be before school starts on the 20th. :0)

    Don't are going to be fine.

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  • Haha....I guess maybe it will be time for me to start up readings again. 🙂

    One individual who I wanted to re-connect with is gone forever and I need to accept that. Out with the with the new right?

    Thanks for thinking about me!

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  • I am....I am. Definitely working on living in the NOW and not then or what's to be. That helps alot with resolving old issues.

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