Wakeing Warning

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  • This post is deleted!

  • Tooter....how are you today???

  • I am fine i was fine yesterday but that shook me some i still do not know why ,you know what i was saying about the freeway dill may i was being tested i don't know i just try and do what spirit tells me .

    But remember i do not just jump when someone hollers i try my best to make sure before i act own anything but when something that strong hits and keeps going for over 5 minutes i pay attention and i meant what i said i have never received a warring like this before i was sound asleep but even when i call my daughter they already think i am full of it but she knew i was dead serious and she said OK

    I have also had my share of fake psychics who are full of shit so i take my direction very serious and what i say i learned a long time ago there is go and bad and any one you says different is full of it .But we have choices which way we choose i choose good and to be in the light and those who say there is not are full of it ask your self who or what you believe in .If you believe in the light do you believe in Michael and Gabriel as angels and if you do think what do they do they protect us from? What ,use your own experience remember that song there's a devil in the bottle and he wants to see me dead think of all the harm that came before the death.

    Now think of ,drugs,thief's,murders,bombings,the Jim Jones ,and the corrupt governments and do you really think things are going to change for the better being left to our so called leaders of the world due you really think they are going to save us or the planet and treat and love Mother Earth the way she was meant to be .

    We have had time and time again chances for change and it has changed for the bad not good certain powers want to complety control the people because they think that is the way but that way is based own domination, mind control, power,and that power run by a few own this planet .

    The only way for things to get better is a cleansing of Earth and to be rid of the powers that got it in this mess to start with don't take my word search your Heart for the Truth and always let Love be the guiding force.

    There are a lot who want to stay in the now of things that is their choice they will be left behind and believe me it will not be pretty .Those will continue in wrong and then you have those who chose to follow the light of Truth you chose to follow the light listen to your Heart seek Truth in all you do and you will be guided and you will have every thing you need to survive this and to guide others into the light and you will not be alone in this during this time .Do not let those who say there is nothing going to happen distract you from you learning seek Truth in your Heart and let it guide your mind and open your mind to all that is available and remember this goes beyond anything we have ever experienced before and every thing that is in the way of this change will be removed never to be again ,Do not let doubt stop you from acting open your mind ..

    Ask your self what Michael and the other angles are trying to protect us from harm right were does that harm come from what is behind it ? There are those out there who can sell you a wooden nickle and convince you its worth 50 dollars and or own president is one of them if you only new what that man is planning for the US it is a nightmare beyond anything you can imagine but he is not alone in all of this there are a lot of others all over the world wit the same agenda but they will not succeed and they will be removed never to exist again but there are dark times before and during this but the reward is beyond anything you can imagine and do not be afraid you will have the power to overcome . Love freely given i give to you Tooter

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