Wakeing Warning

  • I was just screamed out of my bed by my Higher Self and told to keep the kids inside today and i ask why and was told just do it . Tooter

  • Now that it is up i also ask if i should put it own here and she said yes . Does anyone know what is happening i didnt go to bed till 5 am and its now 10:30 am and this was not a dream it woke me up and even as i was putting own the coffee insisting to do it now it said it several times . Tooter

  • Hmm this one I not sure about it~~ but do u always get any info from ur higher self when u are in some sort of trouble coming by ur way?

  • Mikyo i always get intuitive thoughts about actions we all do this was like being hollered at to wake up and i did and the first thing i thought was i was dreaming she kept saying get up up and i did then she started telling me this after i got out of bed even to the point of just do it and by then i am awake as i am now writing this i ask why because i do not like doing things unless i have some knowledge about it and i sure wont give warnings unless i am sure that it is from spirit and even then only if i know fore sure its my guides and of the light . Tooter

  • Hmm that might be something big going to happen? Cause I do have a little feeling that something is not right somewhere.. Sometime this might be giving u a certain kind of warning.. Try calm yourself down and use this method.. U may want to greet by saying a hi.. And from there u might want to start asking a certain question.. Don know it is useful but can give it a try..

  • Thank you for your input Mikyo i am as calm as i get i don't jump into a fire unless i have a dam good reason Tooter

  • Glad u don~~ I guess just be a little more extra careful~~ =}

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  • Are you two in the same area or part of the US? I woke up feeling better than I have in a while. Whatever is going on....I suggest you heed the warning. You didn't get it for nothing.

  • Yes there is i call my daughter this morning and told her to call her mother and tell her to keep the boys inside she said why i said just humor me and do it i have gotten warnings before but nothing this strong and so forceful if you can imagine someone hollering at you very loud that was what it was like and i am walking threw my trailer to put the coffee own and its like they are following me hollering and even saying now even when i ask about putting it own the forum she said yes now so i did and i have been own here since it now 2pm and i was going driving just to get out and i got a resounding no not today and i ask again why and was said it would be own the news latter but it is part of the changing so i still have no ideal so i guess i will stay here i have learned the hard way by not listening later Tooter

  • What part of the world do you live in? I'm in New Mexico.

  • PurpleKid I am in Weatherford Texas

  • Man something just happened i just got a overwhelming feeling i dont know what is going own Tooter

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  • Tooter,I hope everything is okay, and I know that you get strong feelings at times UMMMMMMMM

    Hopefully someone will tune into whats going on...

    Peace and light Del.

    Will email you soon


  • Hi Sheila, I am concerned about our Tooter, I know he must have been given some sort of sign?....please let us know he is ok after you hear from him!!....

    thanks my friend....

    sending Love and peace to you Tooter!!

  • Healing ways i am fine but when i get waking visions i pay a lot of attention to them and to be woke up the way i was i give as it comes have always and will when i am advised to i do not know what it is or was just what i was told i guess you can take it or leave i was just ask to tell it Tooter

  • Wondering if the winds are blowing any of that very toxic air that's making people so sick in the Gulf region your way--or there will be rain--toxic rains are already affecting crops far from the Gulf...

    there are solid news blackouts on all mainstream media about this--

    but you can go to you tube and find coffeepartyusa--they have vid's and real reports...

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  • Well quenkath i sure wish i was down there with you it is hotter than H*e * ll up here i lived in corpus for 3 years one time and other times i liked it down there but i am like Dorthy no place like home i got a boy in lumber ton Miss and he has said nothing about smell or anything and i got pictures of my youngest great grand daughter playing own the beach there at Biloxie and i am sure her paw paw would not let them if it was bad Tooter

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