Attracting the same zodiac mate!

  • I have noticed from personal experience,through friends and some imput from this forum that we tend to attract potential partners from the same one or two signs!...and it happens automatically..I mean, you're in a crowded bar, your eyes meet, the attraction is electrifying,sparks are flying everywhere...and then you find out his birthdate and realise he's the same sign as your previous conquests!!! For example, my first ever boyfriend was a Virgo (Aug), followed by a Leo (31 Jul), married a Virgo/Leo cusp for 15 yrs, my male friend who I never dated but was really attracted to was Virgo, marriage 2 to a Leo (Aug). My 2nd husband was married previously to a Gemini; and has now married me (Gemini)... I have also noticed going through my address book that,apart from one or two, all my girl friends are Aquarians! Anyone else notice a pattern like that in their lives?

  • Hey rnrchick we meet again. I can think of two different times in my life when I had an abundance of a particulare sign around me. In the 80's I was working in the circuit board manufacturing business and I had a multitude of Leo's around me then. Then when I lived in Mo. for 6 yrs. between 98' and 04'. It was Libras. But I also had people who where my compatible signs. The other two in my air signs. Gemini and Aquarius. But the majority were Libras. Thats the first time I noticed that. All tho those friends taught me a lot during my time there. You know that there have to be alot of others having the same experience of drawing them to you. My daughter who is Aries draws Libras to her. I think that's because of the polar oposites and each can learn from the other.

  • I have an Aries daughter too whom I am close too...and 2 of my 4 sons are Aquarians (the other two are Capricorn & Leo)....and my birth chart features sun sign as Gemini (as well as Venus & one other);moon sign is Aquarius and Libra rising!! I just find it interesting how, although other signs are around you, your radar zooms in to just one or two signs and for different reasons, ie love and friendship. My curious mind at work !

  • Hi, This is a good topic. I'm not real sure however, if I'm attracted to them per se, or they are attracted to me. In relationships, I'm not really the pursuer, however I seem to get along w/Virgo's, Libra and Sagitarius the best. There are those that I have had a negative experience and that seems to usually be Capricorn and Cancer. And it is curious that it does go this way. I meet a lot of Capricorns at work etc. I have a lot of Gemini's in my life also. I've had so many, in fact, I feel like I really understand them. I truly believe that the best boss you could have would be a Libra. I've had 2 and both were wonderful. Scorpio's lesson w/me is that you can't really boss me around. This is an interesting subject.

  • Hi everyone! I tend to have a pattern I guess. My two best relationships have been with Leo's (which is my sign also) but I could never figure out if it was because of that or the fact that my parents are both leo's and that's what i'm used to. My closest friends have always been Aquarians (the male ones understand me more) male and female. Also, I have 4 nieces and 4 godaughters (6 are Sags, 1 Virgo, and 1 Leo.) 3 godsons all virgo. My female friends (that have children) ALL are by Libras...who adopt me as their best friends too. I'm also married to a Sag have a brother that's a Sag and too good friends both named keyona (spelled diff) that are Sags. That's alot...and a little weird reading back over it.

  • Since you posted Leoqueen, I thought about my niece& nephews too - virgo, 2 leos,libra !

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