Compatability chart and diffeculty with partner having 2 birthdays.

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    I met Mr. Fantastic who has been too wonderful to be true. I am at a crossroads where he wants to make a commitment and having been through the divorce ringer twice, I am frightened. Normally I would do a compatibilty chart (1st marriage had not a clue they existed and 2nd - I disregarded the advice) . Hey, we live and learn! The reason I have not done one is my Man has two birthdays. One is 7/21/.74 and the other, after an accident claimed his life on 5/10/92, he started breathing on his own (minus his right leg) after being declared dead. How do I go about this one? Anyone want to tackle it? I am at a loss on how.............

  • hi TruAquarian,

    Wow! What a story. Congratulations on finding Mr. Fantastic. If I were in your position, I would run 2 compatibility reports, one for each of his birthdays - mostly because I think it would be really interesting to see what the similarities and differences are, and which one resonates with you more. I bet they would both give you helpful insight into your relationship.

    Personally (maybe I'm a traditional kind of astrologer), I would give higher priority to his original birth date. My sense is that his transits on 5/10/92 (how the planets in the sky on that day were interacting with planets in his birth chart) would speak to his miraculous rebirth. I.e., I would think that his death & rebirth are somehow written into his original birth chart, so that original chart continues to apply.

    But the rebirth chart is certainly worth exploring too... Which chart do you think better fits who he is?

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  • Hi, I was just thinking that Leo and Taurus are both Fixed signs. Sounds like he could be very predictable (or stubborn.) Does that sound familiar. I believe both of the signs are compatible with you. Leo probably being more so. But it's not a birth chart. Good luck to you always!

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