I woke up from a disturbing dream at 8:35am today, and it made me angry.

  • The dream begins with me inside a parking lot with a lot of vehicles in it. A lot of parked cars. I know that I was most likely at the Mall. I was alone in my usual wanderings. Then from out of nowhere a woman emerges from between two parked cars, and approaches me. She speaks to me by my name after the "hi" greeting, and stops approaching me just out of arms length. I recognized her immediately to be my former girlfriend, and my calm disposition soured at that moment. I also took noticed of the fact that her hair was dyed white, and that she was teary-eyed from crying. Her face had that kind of miserable look that a woman gives you when you really do something to disappoint her. She was giving me one of those "looks".

    "How are you?" she says to me.

    "I am fine", was my response in attitude mode. I saw more tears after that.

    "Can you help me?"

    I refused to answer.

    I started getting angry at this point. Then my "ex" started begging at this point. She asked me for some money again to help her out of a "situation" that she was in. I sensed that it was financial some serious financial trouble, and I did not ask for details, since I have known my former girlfriend to be secretive about what she does. I told her "no". She became more upset with me, because of my cold-hearted refusal, but I did not care. I stood my ground. Then she brought her children in the conversation as a leverage against me. She wanted me to give her what I can spare for their sake. I felt guilty, but at the same time, I remembered how she used me the last time, and left me with a debt that I have to pay. I continued to say no...I continued to refuse. But felt my rage building, and it turned to "hate". after that, and she saw that I was now hating her. I saw more tears in a pain-written face, and then she walked away, heading to the left, passing between parked cars, and she disappeared. I was alone again with only my hatred to keep me company. My tranquility was literally trashed. I was staring at the asphalt covered ground at this point, and the yellow lines that divide up the parking lot. I awoke from my disturbing dream.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Chill Thor9~~ just wondering do you hear anything from her recently? Or did u had some similiar financial issue that is almost like ur ex case? Just checking~ do take care

  • No, Mikyo. May 22nd was the last time, I had dealt with her when we clashed over everything financial. $500 dollars was the last thing I gave her that she begged me for having to do with the doctor's visit. She does have health problems. June 1st was the last time I attempted to contact her, and none of my phone calls, or text messages were returned. I threw out her phone number, and her pictures from my Blackbery phone. I have no contact with her on any level. My sisters (the twins) were angry by the whole thing, when I eventually told them everything. The only bill I have issues with, is the three-and-a-half thousand dollar furniture bill that I am left to pay.

    Outside of that--my financial situation is stable with the exception of a few minor setback that I had to adjust to relating to increased rent, and price of food steadily increasing a little at a time.

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