My Birthday is today may I have a reading please!!

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! with your reading i am very happy to tell it to you

    I see alot of success and hope this upsoming year ... a project of some sort is going to be a big part of it .. it will be time consumeing but it will be worrth it ..

    It came up in your cards that you have an unortodox happieness .. a routine life .. doing the same things .. maybe just a piece of info for you to look at if you want to change it up....

    Children are looking to be part of your future ..

    i see an artistic man.. a dreamer and bringer of ideas

    be carful of unattainable goals .. dont seperate fact from fantasy .. just watch it carefully i would never tell omeone not to go for anything...

    there is finacial and maernal security .. obsticales will be overcome

    i see understanding and harmony ...

    no matter what you go through keep at it you will overcome and happiness will be yours

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