Finding my true love.

  • It would be a dream to come true if I find my true love,if he's out there.

  • Have you tried using the Law of Attraction to find

    your soulmate? I've read several articles about

    it. Anyway the following is supposed to work:

    think about the qualities you are seeking in a mate.

    Write them down. Then put the list away. Some say that

    you should burn the list(make a copy first) and scatter

    the ashes. This symbolizes that you have sent your request to the Universe. Once you make your request, you must release your attachment to it. You must not worry about when or where you will meet your love. You just have to act and believe that you will meet him one day. There was a great

    article on this subject on

  • Thank u for answering my question and I will definetly take ur advice on law of attraction.

  • I think the book is called Soul Mate Secrets by Arielle Ford

    I haven't tried it yet because I'm not ready to meet my soulmate yet. Have a lot of personal stuff to work through.

  • i have placed a cosmic order today online for free. see if it works?! It worked for my friend, she asked for a boyfriend who loves her and she loves him.. and they share the same morals.

    be careful what you wish for though, you might just get it.

    peace and love

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