Whats up with capricorn men? Cappy friend has me puzzled.

  • My cappy friend and i met over the internet and have texted one another every single day for almost two yrs. We chat abt anything and everything, and the subject of marriage came up a few times. He mentioned he has been divorced twice in his life and gave up on and is no longer looking for marriage, he is happy being single. However a few months ago he sent a text telling me that if there ever was a girl he would consider marrying it would be me. Since then the subject of marriage comes up quite often, he makes little jokes abt what it would be like being married to me, says we're very compatible, etc. I also joked with him and agreed that we're compatible (which we are, we're so much alike its unreal). Now recently he has been accusing me of playing games with him, no idea why he thinks this. He becomes very angry with me, saying im the one that keeps talking abt marriage and that he isnt interested. Things will calm down between us and we'll get along great for a week or so and then he starts making little comments abt marriage again. Its gotten to the point i feel like im walking on eggshells with this man, he blows up at me so quickly and so often now. And he's also become kinda withdrawn from me... some days he'll send text after text, and other days i hardly hear from him. Sometimes he acts as though he adores me to death and talks of marriage, and other days its like i dont exist. Why does he keep bringing up the subject of marriage when we're nothing more than friends, and then become angry at me over it? Someone told me not long ago that he acts as if he's falling for me, he has told me that he likes me a lot. I'm not sure whats going on at all. Do capricorn men play games? Any advice on dealing with a cappy man would be so appreciated.

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