Should one question their Intuition?

  • I have for so long (untill the past two or so years) not went with that "Gut Feeling" on diffrent aspects of my life. Only to relize that the path i choose was wrong, over and over again. I guess what i am asking is if anyone else has experenced anything like this? Relizing that you can indded trust that feeling that things will go awry if the path you choose goes agants you're gut. Then to find out you're intuition was more so corect than any advice any one else could give?

    Just wondering if their is anyone else out their that has also Finaly learned how to Trust in their "inner voice" as well?


    Many Belessings & Love to All on this Sunday Afternoon. 🙂


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  • I think the the world/higherpower of our choice put thos kinds of "rode blocks" in our way, so that even tho we may repeat them over and over again, hopfully we will come out of it at least a fraction of a bit wiser after every test of our intuition. Have a wonderfull day 2scorpio1sag! may you're day be bless with happyness 🙂 and Thank You for you're insite. it was much apreacated.


  • Hey Jennar, interesting topic :0

    I am on a search for those answers right now, I hope this thread will keep going..I have had so many answers to questions, but was and still am afraid to use what i feel..I am letting a small bit out and trying to let some of it go..If that makes any sense..I have seen some of my life but choose to ignore those instincts.

    I am doing some research on empaths but some believe, that its our upbringing and some believe its a gift or a curse lol.

    Peace,love and light


  • We spend our lives ignoring the intuition and going with the practical that the brain wants us to go with. That isn't always the best choice. As Shatz said....test it out a little and the more you have confirmed that your intuition is guiding you best, the more you can depend on it and trust it. It doesn't always have to be an all or nothing thing. :0)

    I just wish my intuition was better at guiding me to the best checkout lane at the grocery store. I swear.... :0)

  • One of the guide lines i use is it going to hurt anyone even me or is it just a want and if i get that feeling more than once i have found i better listen 2 times this year i got that gut feeling just own my camper i had my canopy out and this gut feeling hit of putting it up and i didn't well it got tore off so i patched it back and another time same thing well maybe i will check the radar and it didn't show any think in less than a hour we had 80 mile winds hit guess what it got tore off this time i could fix it so it wound up costing me over 250 dollars i didn't have to be spending own something i already had so yes i try very hard to listen and i fall short all the time and for me i am finding it is lack of trust in me and my guides so i am working own being willing to be more trusting and i am finding i am the one who benefits the most .

    Shatz i wanted to tell you Andrea contacted me this morning and i ask her were she had been she was all bubbly and Micheal and Gabriel were there let me put this in another tread.Tooter

  • thank you Auntbuck for you're wise words. 🙂 and yes it would be Great if our Intuitiveness could help us with thos kind of daily anoyiences. lol i think it would make a whole lot of us far less frustrated ingenral if it were that simple and effertless. 🙂

    I hope all who read and post hear have a Wonderfull Day! 🙂

  • I can find the best parking spots but I tell ya, trying to get the right checkout lane at the store just baffles me. I ALWAYS end up in the wrong line. AND....if I question my judgment and switch to what APPEARS to be a better line....I end up wrong again. Oh well...I guess it is just the Universe's way of telling me to slow down. LOL.

    Hope you are having a great day too!

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