New to forums .. could anyone help with a reading ??

  • i appreciate your time.

    wondering what to do with this guy i've been crushing on for a while now. we live 45 minutes away from each other .. and i once told him it was too far for a commitment .. and i'm regretting it. he's very impressionable by the things i say ... so i think he's been distant for that reason .. or at least guarded .. definitely hasn't been pursuing me for any sort of relationship .. we're just friends ... mostly via facebook .. but some texting here and there. i just don't understand why he keeps me around. am i beating a dead horse here ? is he going to man up ?? is he pursuing someone else ??

    thanks again.

    dizzyizzie ;]

  • I don't mean to be offensive when I say this...but... face book and texting is not a relationship. It is all in your head unless you can meet, connect and relate.

    You need to listen to what your gut is telling you. I feel though, if you don't connect with him soon he will lose interest and drop the whole idea of trying to make it work. You need to inform him of your new desires or ideas to be together and soon. Even if it means making the effort to travel, or at least put the idea to him.

    I don't see that he is playing you, however I feel he has interests other relationships and keeps in touch with you in the hope that you will make some sort of commitment to him.

    The ball is in your court with this one. You paused play now you need to restart it!

    hope this helps...

    Joy Be Yours

  • so what do i do now .. if i just discovered tonight that he may have already gotten into a relationship ? i'm so sad right now. part of me wants to fight for him .. and another part of me is worried that the truth may be that he's not interested anymore. my gut says fight for him .. even if he rejects you. help please

  • so i called him this morning and put my cards on the table. we're going to start spending time together to see where this goes .. since we both agree we have great chemistry .. and after a year and a half .. we're both still interested. thank you for your advice. it was more than helpful. went with my gut ... and it was the right choice. isn't it always. intuition never fails.

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