13 on First position

  • Hello fellows!

    please someone could give some insights about this?

    Celtic Cross, Open Reading Death Cardo on first position. Thx

  • Eldorado,

    If you have not already found it, I thought I saw a heading/topic/title in the Forum section under Tarot for help with readings. I think you might be able to get some help there. (Sorry, but what I know, you could put in Tinkerbell's thimble.) If that doesn't work, you might be able to go to the Blogs section under the Community tab, you can probably as Hans Decoz about this one in one of his blogs. Or maybe, as a last resort, you could try an email to the Support Department.

  • The first position in your reading represents the "situation" and the Death card represents the death of a Situation (not life) and the re-birth of another. This card very, very, very, strongly suggests that this change is situation is coming whether you want it or not. This is, I think a very positive card, because life is all about change, there is no way around it. Focus on the re-birth part of the definition.

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