Anonymous Scorpio, Cancer & Libra addicts club.... aka ASCLAC

  • I figured maybe this time I'll take Flow's advice and tell what ASCLAC means. I was a bit disapointed as Adventure wrote a long time ago: "and it sounds like a duck" could not fit 😞

    "anonymous scorpio cancer libra addicts club.

    and it sounds like a duck.. "

    I LOVE katie's title... "and it sounds like a duck CRACKS me up everytime I read even when I've been all sad.... I love "and it sounds like a duck"

    when I posted that I forgot everybody is not in the USA and may not get AFLAC commericals even now, i'm cracking up.

    Because to me... it does, it sounds like the AFCLAC google ASCLAC and AFLAC will come

  • Lua- Hi Moon

    Where is everyone else?

    Posting break I think.

    Geez I think mercury retro is in full swing, that and the moon getting more full..I went to try to buy some whole bean coffee at this coffee shop, asked the lady there a simple question about the flavor and she was all rude and argued with me and kept arguing with me! I told her she shouldn;t be so rude to customers and she jumped all over me saying I don't pay her salary so she doesn't have to be nice to me. WTF?

    I have never had anyone in a shop or store ever be so rude to me. What is wrong with these people?

    Lua, I am soooooooo sorry to laugh, but that whole story cracked me up. I am all alone in an office and I really need some entertainment!

    I wanted to start out with an update so I have to go and read back a bit give me a few...

    That was funny though Lua

  • "ASCLAC is a good name. A group of people who like to chit chat about their relationships w/o being overly concerned and judged as our "real-life" friends or family may do if we had asked them for advice. We can all be objective to each other as none of us have anything to gain/lose with any comment we make, plus outsiders who have an ill will may opt to not comment, and new friends can read and join if they like. "

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  • Hi 2, I'm doing an update thing that we do once in a while to catch everybody up.

    Triple??? OMG! sun, moon and what else?

    I'm a cancer gal myself, pisces moon... I'm all water.

    You must have very deep feelings about things. I bet things affect you very deeply.


  • Hi everyone...I hope you all had a great weekend.

    I have been more out than in and trying to take it easy today because I have yet another busy week ahead. My son has school over a week so last minute shopping etc.

    Gemini ex was serious about his “offer” but the bugger himself has a relationship that he has been a bit iffy from day one. Yet I told him we explore that option before and the fire wasn’t there. He actually intensify his actions from the moment I told him I was interested in someone after so many years. Tsk, tsk. Now he is happy that things stand as they are...hmmm. Men!!

    Retro is also in full swing. Caught up with Virgo gf who lives in Texas after like forever. We met when she used to live here in Holland. Also with a Libra gf who lives in the Bronx after a good while too.

    So where did I left off pumpkins??? (Reading from pg 214 previous thread)


    “you're thinking about libra a bit more. hmm. had a picture of you in the supermarket.. did you like the attention a wee bit tho even if it was cheeky of him?“

    Girrrlll...lmao...I was ducking corners like crazy just to keep that convo going. He enjoys those kinds of moment to see how much he is going to get out of me under pressure or if I will give up. Like the night in the bus. If I liked the attention of whom? If you meant the people shopping well they haven’t noticed much because if I got in a row that had people I would look for another one. From him...well yeah...was trying to reach his butt with little luck at the time and I needed to get my stuff sorted.

    “nice pics thanks flow. looks amazing with so many tall ships and all the other boats.i live near a river too we have a very small version of that. very small. but they have a night display which is pretty.“

    Your welcome too bad admin took the link down. But yeah Amsterdam is crazy now with all the tourists from all over the place and those men and woman in uniform (marines). Firework is great in the evening.

    “he said he doesnt know if he sees it working without any solutions. i agree but i also pointed out that we need to stop just picking each other apart and focus on the strengths and positives in each other as much as the the problems.“

    Now I am curious...what kind of solutions? And what I am more curious about it why did he agree to the appointment and just left without cancelling. Yet I am glad you two are able to do this like this.

    “ i didnt get any commitment out of him tho, and not even him say to me that he wants to keep trying or anything“

    I didn’t expect it either. Yet you do see when you don’t push for your instant gratification you will get to hear more when the time is right. I hope this part is a lesson that you will never ever forget. With him or any other man in your life.

    “ we finally both acknowledged it . and BOTH agreed awareness was the first step. one step toward trust i believe.“


    “ he asked me before he left if i would like a kiss. (course i i did). hopefully in time we can get to a point together where he doesnt have to ask. he just knows and trusts. and i do too.“

    Okay now I got something to ask. What in the peeeeeepp is wrong with these men? Libra is nearly the same. Ugh. Ask me this and ask me that. Then I said just do it...and nope...till this day. Ugh. Anyways nothing to worry my pretty head with.

    “ till death do us part" thought it was funny..maybe there is such a movie? i dunno.“

    Yes there is. 😛

    Good thing that you could contain yourself. Doing that for now is going to keep a lot of good for a while. two know each other best so see what you will do or not.


    You are converted to FB...LOL. I am matter how fake...I am not getting on it!!

    “ BUT THIS IS KEY...

    They both feel like it is somebody elses job to do things to make them happy. Parents, boyfriends, husband.... they both think, in different ways but the same thing....“

    Hmm okay but this doesn’t mean that they can get away with everything. Well that is how I think about it.

    “I remember when I looked his up that day forever ago... as I have posted about it and I saw all the most beautiful girls... I was so upset. “

    This is another point I have with that thing. A person when bored or anything of the kind will wander and go looking for things that aren’t good for them. Do you know how many arguments, killing and other sad things happened due to that FB thingy? Yes it’s great to stay in touch but nah. My sis came here the other day and logged into hers and froze my darn computer. I needed to clean it so often to get it running in a normal fashion. Yet these are my personal dislikes. Have fun tho.

    “Baby doll.... I think I went and tipped the whole f-ing cow! ..lmao!...“

    LMAO...yeah...but your cow has a glass wasn’t sure it would reach the lips and it hasn’t. 😉

    Regarding your kid. Isn’t there anywhere else you can take him where you DO feel more comfortable? I trust my gut feelings when it comes to my kid. For instance where I live I have a big hospital practically on my doorstep. I told everyone that knows me...if anytime something happens to me do not take me there under any circumstances. It’s a bad hospital period! See what you can do.

    Regarding you sis-in-law. LOL...I can see why they told you no mace. You see...I can understand your practicality but you got to place yourself in the other person’s personality to choose a gift. If she mentioned it then you could have gotten it for her.

    Okay regarding the baby...if you find education is important find something less direct than the book. Like a group she can take the baby to experience sounds or colours together with other moms. She will need this to connect with other mothers and don’t feel that overwhelmed by the whole new mom feeling. Or a baby massage group. Something to do together. The book you can do in a later stage.


    To add to what I wrote about your Scorp. If he was genuine....he could have let the smoking out of the equation/invite.

    Kel, I haven’t disclosed anything about my fall out with Libra. So you haven’t missed it. I left the voicemail on the day that we met for the first time last year. The cut as you call it isn’t that deep but I have certain rules for myself and he did a no no in my books. It could be rectified if he wants to...but since we have passed more than a month now...I seriously doubt it.

    What I meant with my remark about sharing the tarot link. Is that I remember that when you got involved with Aries you changed your screen name and deleted the rest and gave Aries the link so he could read up too. But thanks for your explanation...yet when I enter moonbeauty without the quote marks I do get this thread. Yet to get the FB Moonbeauty I have to go another way around to find But maybe the search engine does it differently in the different parts of the world. Because when I am on the Mexican, British or Latin search engine things goes differently.

    That contractor of yours would have my footprint on his behind a long time ago. Well I hope he does finish soon. But it’s great things are moving along.


    Update was fine. Nothing special happening on this end. Thanks hun.


    “In my crab's case I don't think there's any point, because he doesn;t seem to care at all that he hurt my feelings, he's too wrapped up in his own.“

    Well I will have to respect your choice in not repeating what is important to you since you feel that it would be like talking to a deaf person. It’s a shame.

    “He's my neighbor, I don't know about a crush but I think he was se*xually interested in me.“

    I figured that much yet it still doesn’t give him the right to be so publically critical in front of others like you was his property. It’s just disrespectful no matter what tone he used. If he likes woman with meat on his body...fine...yet still he should keep his mouth shut.


    Hey....I agree 100% with Moon. Glad to hear that you’re okay. And very nice to help that girl start her music career as a singer. Being a singer myself appreciate when people helps each other like that. Good going.

    “Im just finding it a little hard to understand how this could of happened.“

    It’s called in common language...The law of attraction. 😉

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  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi Flow and everyone else. Law of attraction? Why can't I attract G with it. I've managed to attract G love interest? It's totally random.

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  • Reposting from Part 3. I appreciate moon and others feed back so far. Thank you

    A major twist in my Cancer saga. Firstly, sorry for not being online, Ive had no laptop and couldnt log in to tarot. I need to catch up. Hope you are all well.


    It's been 3 weeks since G and I had our fight. We havent contacted each other at all. Ive been trying to get my life sorted out and move on from G. Anyhow, I was online and I had this guy message me. We chatted for a few days and he wanted to meet up with me and go on a date. I did. During the date I found out that the new guy K dated G as well but last year. Exactly 1 year to the month. Out of all the millions of people in Israel, K contacts me as he is interested but K is also the guy G is trying to get over.

    K dumped G in October last year and G has been trying to get back with K. In JDecember K and G had a huge fight and didn't speak for a while. G ask K if they could speak but when K got over to G house, g tried to kiss K and he wasn't impressed. K laughed and G got upset and started screaming abuse at K. After a while K lost his phone and sent a message on facebook for everyone to contact him so he can get their number. G was the first to contact him after ages since the fight.

    When G meet me he was also still getting over K and was trying to get back with K. K was the guy who dumped G on facebook. He didnt really dump G on facebook. K didnt was relationship status up and G pressured him. After a month K took it down but hadn't dumped G.

    Anyhow, i figured out what happend. G still likes K but K said he isnt getting back with G. G and K are still in contact and were in touch when G was dating me. G did like me but he has feelings for K thinking they were getting together. I feel that G was keeping me on the side incase K would take him back.

    Anyhow, K is interested in me. We have been on 2 dates and last night he wanted me to sleep over at his place. I went home. He walked me 20 min out of his way to the bus station. I really do not know what is happening. Im confused. How on earth did this happen.

    One side of me is saying drop this guy. I don't feel that K and I will be anymore than friends if most. Its just too weird for me. Plus G has no idea that K and I have dated. G is still contact K to this day.

    When I met with K last night we sat on his lounge and K brought up G. He was surpirsed at how G was torward me. G confessed his love to K within two weeks of meeting. Basically, K said that G is really boring, nice guy but boring. He is also not looking for a son. K is 35 and G is 27. Im 38 this year.

    What are the chances of this happening? Am i I just unlucky?

  • OL,

    You attracted him but he turned out no good for you. You attracted K to get the answers you were looking for regarding G. Turns out they both aren't that good for you. That I was referring to with The law of attraction.

    Other than this how are you? What new plans have you made for yourself?


    " flowsc

    you mean holland the countrie or the city "


    What are you referring to? Holland is a country in Europe.

    I am out nice.

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • OL-I answered your posts on the other thread

    Hi flow, yeah with crab I don't feel like there's any point. I already expressed to him how I felt and how I was hurt. he walked away like he couldn't handle it. Maybe some day, but not now because he's deep into his own depression and issues and they aren't even about me. He's caught up in other issues and doesn't have room to be concerned about my feelings. As for that stupid rude neighbor I agree, he should have kept his mouth shut. So he liked the way I looked when i was curvier, why should he even care, I wasn't his girlfriend or anything. I'm just avoiding him.

    Moon, I'm glad my story about the rude coffee lady amused you, hahaha. Looking back it may be funny but she really ticked me off!! I walked out of there without any coffee!!

    OL-I agree with Flow on the law of attraction. We don't always attract good things. Sometimes we attract people and things we need to learn from. I attracted my crab when he came to me but now things have changed. Best thing to do to attract a relationship into your life is not to think of a particular person but think of the qualities you would like in a person and visualize that. I also read in some law of attraction books that sometimes you attract certain people become more certain of what you Don't want, so by contrast you would know what you want.

    Think of the good qualitues of G and concentrate on that. Maybe you will attract someone like G, but someone who will love you back.

    2scorpio- wow, triple Scorp. You must be a very sensitive and even psychic person. I think you feel good in nature because around people you feel too much of their energy and emotions and it can gt to be too much..I'm a scrop moon.

    I was talkiing to an old Aqua friend from college, he's actually one of my good college friend's husband, she's a Leo and her birthday was Friday so I was chatting with her. I did his chart many years ago and he's an Aqua with about 6 planets in Aqua. Talking to him is like going on a mental trip without taking drugs. He takes you off into another dimension just by talking, lol! he's so off the wall!! My gf saids he likes talking to me because most "normal" people think he's weird and can't deal with him. he was born during the rare alignment of a whole bunch of planets in Aqua. So funny.

  • DAYS OF OUR LIVES UPDATE from kaite and a moon cut and paste...

    From Thursady…lol… I SO stole this from Katie’s post…lol…lol…post thief! POST THIEF!!!!!!! ..lmao! Call the post police! ..lmao!

    KELl>> he is not so active on the thread lately (of course that is not critisism 😄 )

    He is pretty busy and connecting with people from his past.

    He also has issues with himself, negative traits that he acknowledged in himself and he is working on that now too. (proud of you Kel). Me TOO! Awww, Little kel, he’s growing up and teaching me a lot along the way 😉

    His contractor finally showed up last weekend and did some work on the house. YAY

    he got Aries to help him paint. He also met aries extended family and had a great time. He's trying to be a better man for Aries... we think he's just fine. 🙂

    He went to check out scorp’s father playing music, cause scorp invited him out of the blue. He went with Aries and felt very good.

    He’s also re-connecting with Libra (remember Scorp, Fish and Libra)

    Scorp wants kel to hang out and do LESS THAN LEGAL ACTIVITIES Kel said that’s a little too young for his taste (good boy)

    BUT… he’s wondering if scorp could be serious about a friendship? Or… he’s being a total hammer! Oh and he does not want to risk hurting Aries...

    Oh, why cant straight men take a lesson from the g^y ones????

    LUA>> Lua is strongly working on her training as usual. 🙂 And in the middle of a BLAND diet (yuk! no butter cream for her)

    her crab keeps daily contact with her, in sending e-mails all the time about funny stuff, photos he made etc.

    He still makes no sense to her, BUT she has decided that she cant make crab be what she wants so she is single and got her mingle on!

    She met a pretty Leo guy on some occassions while the guy was on her island. They had fun but Lua said there is no ’connection’ between them. She still thinks of crab.

    Ok, so her mingle is not 100% on, but she’s trying

    Well, she did have a run in with a crazy coffee shop woman…lol… maybe it’s the moon? Or, it could be that Lua does not pay her salary ..LMAO!!!!!!!

    Lua- I am sorry, I cant, I’m still cracking up… lmao!!! ROTHFMAO!!!! I have a sick sense of humor!…

    So now Lua is chit chatting with 2 Leo’s that just are not “doing it” for her… she, like SV, still miss their crabs.

    BUT… this is funny, while out with the pretty Leo she did meet a waitress who speak her language… too bad she’s not a switch hitter. Sorry Lua. although, the waitress did tell her about a priest that did speak it to… oh poor lua

    “Crabs, waitresses and Priests Oh MY!”

    (From the Wizard Of Oz… “Lions, Tigers and Bears Oh MY!” I have to explain my humor the Visa debit thing with flow is still making me as you all can see, I amuse WAY too easily)

    MOON>> she went to the reunion and she was twinkling like a little star. Everyone was astonished and people who were in school mean to her said sorry to her. She felt very great and since then she is newly empowered.

    Her ex called scorp and screamed at him (he had it building up for quite some time now) So scorp emailed Moon and told about it.

    Moon tried to call scorp but he ignored her call…. So she emailed him an apology and expination… to which scorp said if she was really sorry she say it in person…

    so she called him and he ignored her call, she left a voice mail, he ignored that too.

    She went on a date with a guy he got to know on the street by the bank ATM (aka Land guy he looks like Robert Mitchem) and she had a nice time, but scorp is still the "one” in her heart.

    So... I went on another date but asked him to take me home early as I was just not in the mood for a date. Still no word from scorp….

    BUT, BUT, BUT it would seem scorp has found my fake facebook and possibly the link to this thread…. Which he may/may not have read…. I am VERY annoyed about the intrusion as I DO NOT like to be spied on, although I did look scorp up once a long time ago and found his fashion model GF…. SO…. Those who live in glass houses can’t throw stones.

    FLOW>> works a lot like a busy bee as usual.

    No contact from Libra still. BUT she did call and leave a voice mail—which I was very surprised about … I hope he contacts, but it wont shock me if not… only because I have 2 Libra BFF’s…. and boy oh boy… do I know how they operate.

    Flow, can you add more? She is still going to singing class. More i cant say... ok, one more thing. Sadly her nephew and the wife had an accident and the woman died. So she went to the funeral and faced a lot of people from her family that did not have a good opinion about her. I wont discuss it further, but i know that Flow felt very proud to face them.

    Oh, and what’s this about a Gemini ex???? Flow???? Did I Miss this amongst all my Scorp/reunion/ex-husband drama?????

    ADVENTURE>> now her life took a spin finally. And we are all very happy for her.

    She went and visited Scorp. They had some heated convo but scorp seems to be opening up and initiated a meeting even. For me it looks like they are giving themselves another chance.

    Otherwise she has a kitty, she took it from the street. LOL

    And she goes to the courses and is super busy too.

    I think Adventure- remember when flow told me about staying in the line of sight? And you told me about the funny emails being a sort of gift? Like a piece of me, some insight for him to understand me… as a gift?

    Maybe your scorp, when he opens up to you…. Maybe he is doing the same? I dunno, just a thought as I am typing this update.

    Oh, adventure and scorp FINALLY made some head way with each other… FINALLY. He told her wants to wonder and be free as he does has a fear of committing (I think) and she told him to be more relxed around him… she needs a bit more of a commitment. 2 different things, BUT at least they are talking and honest!

    Good start…

    LOLPET>> she is back from her vacay. Scorp re-appeared again, so they are in contact now. Hopefully no further problems. Scorp asked her what he should do in order to be good for her. She told him stuff and he will work on himself hopefully. 🙂

    Lolpet... hows your girls?

    anything else?

    Katie- my update is not much. funnily i thought some days ago, that i am actually back to the place i was with crab exactly this time last year.

    daily e-mail contacts and joking around/teasing, nothing deep, having fun. i have NO idea what he wants, but i avaragely (except of some occassions when i 'freak out') stopped caring.

    i decided i handle the thing as follows: it was not real. it was just a beautiful dream, what i evidently one day had to wake up from. not more not less.

    i love him, but i also know i am very sad and tired of him being able to handle things how he does. i think lately he avoids seeing me in person (i mean i group events too).

    last weekend he didnt show up for lunch and didnt even mentioned it later. today the rest of the friends go to a gig and before we met up for some hours. he texted his ex (the other girl from the group) some funny msg which said that he was around, he saw us. but he did not join us. basic plan was to meet AFTER the gig. so i will go back to meet them when they are out of the gig to hang out. i wonder whether he will show up.

    in a mail this week he wrote me: see you with J (our friend who is here for the gig from another country). i havent reacted on it... maybe it is his twisted mind now taking revenge. no idea... but not putting too much effort to think about it.

    Katie- she is up for a trip, just need the where and when and of course I think cost is an issue for everybody.

    SV- she’s doing a dating thing and OMG meeting A LOT of men (I guess golf clubs and g^ns really are NOT her thing

    You know those hippy girls…. In black guess stilettos …lmao!

    Oh, and she wants to plan a field trip too!

    (I’m game)

    Oh, SV- I do not like Gemini’s I NEVER get along with them for very long… but maybe scorps have a better time. (SV has met a Gemini she feels may be emotionally disconnected… I think the ones I have met… are like Dr. Jeckle & Mr. Hydes)

    SV baby sat her niece who did what all loving children do best… share their germs and got her nice and sick. Kids just love to share… awww….

    And she is apartment hunting to be closer to work…

    And still thinks of crab boy… even though she is dating 4 different guys… 4???? Nice SV…lol…

    This is the info for the four guys SV is dating…

    Scorp is cute - we talked on the phone for about 20 minutes yesterday. he's a 2nd grade teacher, and he's travelled the world on his free time. he's really funny too...we flow well, but maybe it's cause we're both of the same sign...? we have some sexual tension! date is set with him on Saturday night. we're having sushi...veggie sushi for me! 🙂

    Gemini - sweet guy, very funny. emotionally detached, and that might be a problem later. he said he laughs at people who cry. of course, I'm sure I said something that made him uncomfortable as well at one time or the other, but it's still weird that he would be that unemotional. maybe he needs to be worked on, lol....second date with him is tonight. we're going to the improv to watch David Alan Grier.

    Pisces - very shy. convo flows ok, but our first date is tomorrow night(Friday). we have stuff in common, but he might need a little push in conversation.

    This one seems to be stressing her out I think

    Libra - a little pushy, but very funny. he makes me laugh a LOT. he wants to talk all the time, which is a little weird for me considering we haven't even had a date yet....but we get along very well. he's super sweet too. date is set with him for next Monday.

    Crab, oh crab....where are you? what are you thinking? did I ever mean anything to you? do you ever think about me? how are you doing? please contact me soon...I miss you so... 😞

    (Kel, he wants her to pipe down about the crabby

  • Hey flow- I am a bit annoyed about this whole FB thing. I want to ask you something... or say something... but I feel like he could be reading. I dont like that.

    I mean I am certain after reading this he will freak out... and I dont expect to hear from him again. Not “that way” anyway…. but even typing that annoys me.

    I like my private things... private.

    Like... i decided I am going to be more open to land guy. THAT should be private, but the point of this thread was so that we could talk and not have to tell the "real people" in our life. This is annoying me so much.

    I'd like a tad of advice on this subject

    Oh, Flow- The visa debit thing that was a spin off a visa debit commercial… he really paid cash.

    About my son... what I mean is that... I dunno, I feel like all this time over and over the Dr's kept telling me "It's something he'll out grow" or "well, I'm not quite certain why he does it"... all the tests my poor little guy has been through...

    I think I'm going to be getting an answer... i just hope it's not a bad one. That's what I am worried about.

    Off the subject.... I am LOVING Katy Perry's song "Teenage Dream" I mean LOVING IT! I hope in this video there is no cream being sprayed from any odd places

    Oh and new I have slowed down on the reading only to be sucked into this reality TV purgatory between Jersey Shore, jerseylicious, jersey couture, teen mom, disaster date, Hoarding: Buried Alive

    ...lmao! I am addicted.

    I have NEVER watched tv like this... I mean I am actually remembering what happened the previous week... lmao! i am really losing

    I think I am going to have to start to incorporate crunches, stretching, arms or something... ANYTHING to justify this new obsession I have ..lmao!

    It's really bad.

    I'm actually going to hang out with land guy on thursday... and want to know what were doing??? I told him I want to watch Jersey Shore before we go out because I SOOOO wanna see what happens when snookie and JWOW leave the letter for Sam about Ronnie.

    I was on the phone with him yesterday afternoon and he called when the show was on and I was like "Look, I hate to be B1+chy but I really like this show... can I call you back???" (it was like 3 shows at one time... re-runs but I didnt care

    Land guy was like "Moon, are you f-ng kidding me? You watch that cr^p????"

    I was like "NOOOOOO, well, yes, well, no not exactly, well yeah I guess I do lately"

    he was like "so, you can go out on Thursday????"

    and I was like "No, not exactly, can we just go out later?"

    he was hysterical. He actually thought I was f-ing with him.

    until i told him he can watch it with me and see WHY it's sooooo addicting

    At first he was like "umm... no thanks, I'm not 17 and stupid"

    Then I got annoyed at him as I felt that insulted me... so yes, Thursday night will watch JS night... THEN go out to dinner

    Moon won that round.

    any libra news?

  • Lua- weight question.... Oh, real quick, do YOU watch reality TV? I was NEVER really into it... I HIGHLY suggest for your viewing entertainment... see above. I'm

    anyway.... I know when we work out more it makes us eat more, as we need more energy BUT how do I turn off the appetite? I am working out 1 hr in the am and 1 hr in the pm (cardio) and doing weights when I can get to the gym... and I am up to 141 pounds!!!!! YIKES!!!!! but... my thighs are an inch smaller (yay)

    For me... it's a number thing. I want to get to 116... not be 141, even if my thighs are shrinking

  • See flow this is what I mean. I like to post PRIVATELY,.... I dont know if he is reading BUT if I had to bet,.... he may be, unless, like kel said, he's not that into me as he may think I am a crazy nut and ran far, far away...

    well, that's not exactly what he said... but it's what he meant

    How would I know?

    What would you do?

    Short of no longer posting I feel very... INTRUDED ON.

    I dont like it, and it is limiting on what I post about. I dont like that/this/whatever!


  • I mean, I dont know if he is dating, I dont want him to know what I do but if I cant post about things then whats the whole point of the thread?????

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