Does anyone know how to decode dream meanings

  • I have had some very strange dreams I will list, I would greatly appreicate anyones input on these.

    1. Woken from a night mare at 12.21am the dream was being broken into (house it was very detailed) and then being sexually assulted (that was strange in it's self I never fought it at all almost felt like he put something in my mouth) and then it was me being surrounded by kids and family and i was very confused and then I vomited everywhere (this is all in my dream) and then I woke up for real out of the dream and was very unsettled, i had to leave the house with the kids I was so distressed.

    2. Woken up at 1.21am because my phone was ring for real, but it stopped as I got it and said private number so could not return it, went back to sleep woke up at 2.21am feel strange so got up could not get back to sleep.

    As you can see it's the same numbers all the time just different order I just feel that there is more to it than just same numbers and different times. Hopefully someone will be able to shed some form of light on this.

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