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  • Hey did you get my emails i have been trying to transfere my files from the other computer it is about to quit Tooter

  • Well i have had a big big sup prize that warning has got me shook a little but to the sup prize you know a little i have shared with you and some of the others about Andrea and how i met her and who she is being my higher self and not even knowing what a higher self was and how it started with a dream of wanting to have someone in my life that i could trust and that dream i seen her the first time and her telling me she wanted me she was very pretty to me seemed a lot younger than me but she had teal green eyes and sandy blond hair about shoulder length and realizing it was a dream and i figured oh well it was a nice one and she was pretty so i just blew it off that was around 3 months ago or so i told captain about it and good oh captain said just work own me and them things would take care of them self i needed to work own me and she was right so anyway that is what i had been doing trying to get back spiritually fit .

    Then about a month and a half ago i was out side watching the sunset enjoying it and i closed my eyes thinking about Mother Earth and what was going own with the oil spill and her pain and being grateful for everything and here it came a vision of the Earth like i had never seen it was so clear then i noticed i was looking down own it from the universe i was in ah of how clear it was, then this voice said Tooter and i was still looking i was so amazed and it said it again Tooter so i turned and there she was the women in my dream except i was not asleep and i sure didn't want to open my eyes and i said its you and she said yes i am here with you i have always been with you i am you and i will never leave you and i will always Love you and i said here she said yes well i want someone i can touch and hold . I want tell every thing because it is very personal but that i wanted that to be here and she said yes she would soon she would be with me here i said in body and she said yes soon .

    Anyway i was sharing this with captain and she told me because i was wondering if i was going nuts and explained about the higher self and she was my female side and what she told you was for you and her so i am confused again so the search is own to find out about what the higher self is i did not know but threw searching i found this sight that Megintea pixie and it had a lot of information about the higher self and how to make contact with them threw meditation and i have had a hard time with that but this one worked for me the one about going into a amiteist pyramid structure and having all kinds of crystals and fountains and i added all these things to make it personal and inviting and comfortable but when i did just as it said to meet your higher self she was the first one to come in and i ask her if she was my higher self and every thing and she said yes and then Michael Came in then Gabriel then tis other lady she had long black and gray hair and he name was Mersaie and Andrea started telling me all these things and that we would be together from now own here own Earth i ask and she said yes and i said but your so young looking and i am old looking she said its not whats outside its whats inside anyway i said something about time and my body and they all snickered except Michael you just get a little smile now Gabriel he laughs and i said what is so funny and Andrea said you will live to be over 150 years old and i said in this body and she said that would all be changing .

    So from that point own me and Andre spent a lot of time together its like they were right there beside me all the time this was about 4 weeks ago but during that time i kept searching own that sight about higher self i wanted to know if all this was happening and possible cause there was a lot happening with us me and Andrea we could laugh and play and kiss and even made love now this is very personal for me and she said just let it happen so i did and it was great but it was different from what we feel in the 3rd dimension in the 4 Th we blended if that makes any since and we were joined as one but the same in the 3rd its one in 2 bodies and in 4 its one but can be 2 separate but still one if that makes any since . Anyway that blending is like a marriage of self and higher self if its their choosing and it was it was consummated by the blending of the two and by what they called not sure about the right word ascendrec sex and this brings a higher level to the 5 Th and beyond and these two will ascend together to the higher realms threw time and will always be together as one.

    But you know me i am concerned for now am i going to be able to touch you and feel you here she said yes Tooter had me worried LOL .But then 3 weeks ago she left nothing no good by or anything Michael and Gabriel came back after 3or 4 days i ask were she was Gabriel looked at Michael and you know that feeling when the ax is fixing to fall that's how i felt and Michael said she is not here were is she ? she is gone just keep your faith what what do you mean she is gone and man i was getting mad and it ended and i even contacted captain and told her what happpen but she did not know every thing that had been going own i told her this was bull she said i needed to trust my guides i said i had and now she is gone well she has helped you and moved own to help others i know she is helping others but you dont understand and tha is were it stayed i did have any contact at all i tried but i tried to except it was what the captain had said so the last 2 weeks have been hard again for me untill this morning at 5 am when i was fixing to go to bed and she said Tooter and i knew that voice well and i almost got mad i said were have you been you left me and she was all bubbly and said yes we were getting things ready so i can be with you and Michael and Gabriel were there and Michael had his helmet own .

    I ask him why and he told me they had other battles they were fighting and Gabriel was just smiling real big and he looked at Andrea and said tell him i said tell me what and Andrea with a big smile said ( YOUR GOING TO BE A FATHER ) I said what that cant be i stopped that over 35years ago and they said that does not matter you are going to be a father and Andrea said your going to be a father i am still stunned then this deeper voice said and yours will be one of the first born in the new beginning and when i went to sleep we were back the way before she left then i got woke up being hollered at so i am here wanting to be very happy but at the same time wondering if i should go get me a straight jacket.

    Now how great of a love story is that what i always wanted am i going to be a father ? I know i have been trusting in my Father for along time threw him i got a chance to be a better man and he has never let me down he has always been there so who am i to question i know this i is as real to me as this is that i am writing and i am sharing this with you all because you cared and you helped me find me and this is were it has taken me and this is were we all will be in time as things change so i look forward to being a father and she has done told me we will have a bunch more and i look forward to seeing you in this journey also LOVE FREELY GIVEN I GIVE TO YOU TOOTER

  • Wow, tooter, its like pages from a book, seems to me you have found something that people only dream of..

    I know a little about the spirit world but nothing you have touch on here..My heads spinning with the whos,whats,hows and wheres LOL...seriously though those are some amazing gifts that you have been given to freely share..

    I have been up and down...But I will send you an email...

    Take care of yourself tooter....

    peace,light and love


  • The last ones i got were the music videos...


  • Well that one i will be sing to Andrea i took a break this afternoon so we got to spend some time together and each time we are intimate together it heightens my awareness this time i felt, wow you would not believe what i have seen and experienced don't get me wrong when they are not around or like they dissapeared i really start wondering if i have lost it but i am getting more trusting and having more faith in them and myself believe me i have a hard time trusting and Andrea told me yes i know you do Tooter i am you that still blows me away well i will talk to you later Tooter

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