How Do Those Close To You Match Up With You w/Sun/Moon/Asc. Signs?

  • I find it very interesting how very often synchronicity matches go along with most of my closest relationships with others.

    My example:

    I am Cancer sun, Capricorn moon and Aquarius Rising.

    My partner is Gemini sun/Taurus cusp, Aquarius moon and Cancer Rising.

    My Dad is Taurus sun/Gemini cusp, Leo moon and Cancer Rising,

    My younger brother is Leo sun/Cancer cusp, Taurus moon and Virgo rising

    My Aunt is Leo sun, Capricorn moon and Virgo rising

    and one close friend I had is Sagittarius sun/Cancer moon/Virgo Rising.

    In all cases at least one of these major positions links up with mine in some way, and even more so when other planets and their house positions are taken into account. This is about relationships as much as astrology, but it's really into all the sign/ascendant/house positions, which is why I put it here. If you are curious and know your close friends/family/companions birthdays, you can enter it for free and get all that info on a website like I'm curious how this works for everyone else! How do you match up with those closest to you?

    Please share with everyone! It's actually pretty fun!

    Thank you everyone, Best wishes and peace to all of you.

  • I'm a Cancerian, 27/06, and sometimes I think it's a curse. Sometimes I end the day mentally exhausted from absorbing other peoples emotions. It's hard to just switch off. Full moons are a nightmare sometimes. I've been called crazy sometimes, I resent that big time. You try absorbing everyones crap and come out smelling of roses.

  • I'm a taurus, Aries rising, My moon is in Gemini~ it is true that I'm are stubborn and my moon in Gemini do let ppl often guess whether what will they do to avoid making me angry~~ I do like most talking to make myself comfortable when problem arise~~ 😃

  • I am an Aries with Cancer rising (moon in Pisces) currently dating a Cancer with Capricorn rising (moon in Libra).

    I would guess this is a case of opposites attracting, but we have been dating for a month (aka still getting to know each other) and I am waiting for the other shoe to drop.

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