Can someone read when I my weird neighbor will move out?

  • I'll offer my natal timing & the timing of her move-in date. I'm born 6/14/'77 but was due on the 24th (I was born 10 days early). That girl moved downstairs from me at Sept. 2nd or 3rd of '08. (That happens to coincide with when I first started developing this crush I still have on one of my male best friends! If you could offer bonus perspective on my friendship progress with him-- I already have a boyfriend I love very much who I live with upstairs there from that girl-- but I'd like him to have more conversations with me and be our family friend but he's aloof!) Anyhow she's an old friendship gone putrid! Last year she withdrew from me (thank God she did-- she's in nasty shape now-- what kind of friendship is that?) and caused trouble. Now she flipped out recently-- when can I be rid of her?

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