Doing One Question Readings Today. Seven only at this time.

  • Seems I misread the "one quest at a time" - whatever you get if you are still reading would be appreciated. 🙂


  • Hello shuabby, I have been in a rather difficult relationship and I have attempted to end it but my heart is really broken as I was the one pushing him away, I have caused him to go out there and he has met someone else. He says he is still in love with me& calls me daily, I have also met with him on several occasions, but he is still seeing her I feel terrible and I won,t commit to going back with him permanently unless she is completely out of the picture. I love him and our problem was his drinking she accepts it and I didn,t He tells me he is not in love with her and she is just a companion. Of course I still want him to stop drinking as well. What are my chances?????? and is he telling the truth. We are all in our early sixties and this is so hard to accept. Would truly appreciate your insight on this crazy situation. Thank you so much Leonida

  • Dear Bluehouse,

    In sixty days you will be in a new situation, either you will have a diffrent postion where you work at now with less money, or you will seek out and find another postion around where you live it feels like there is a busness destrict that you will have a good opportunity at a new job , not far from where you live.

  • Shuabby

    hello I have a request on page 3 if you have time to answer that would be great if not dont worry about it. Thank you for your time.

  • Thank you one thousand times for your guidance Shuabby. James is a Taurus, Born 6 May 1975 so I think he is an earth sign - does this make a difference to the way he feels about me or what his behaviour means then?

    Again, thank you so much for blessing me with your gift and bringing happiness and peace of mind to myself and the other people on this forum.

    May Peace, Joy and Happiness go with you always!

    Victoria x

  • Hello Shaubby,

    I hope you're feeling well. The last I checked in you were recuperating and having a difficult time. It sounds like those days are behind you, which makes me happy.

    If you're up to it, can you please let me know what you see as far as my relationship with Z. My DOB is 12/28/59 and his is 4/7/58.

    Thank you!


  • Hello again Shuabby,

    I'm not sure if you accidently overlooked my request or possibly, because I didn't have an exact question, maybe nothing spoke to you... I understand.

    You are swamped with questions and have not been feeling well... I will patiently wait!!

    Get better.. one day at a time!!

    Blessings your way!

  • Hi Taurusbaby22

    I sense that you like this fellow a lot and the spark of attraction is there for you, however I don't feel it being an equal feeling. He is being cautious because of a former relationship. You will have to have patience with him for things to develope on a deeper level.

  • Hello, Cal4

    Sorry it took so long, just that I have to make time to answer requests.

    I will talk to you about love. What I see is cupid with his bow and arrow aiming it at your heart. If you do not have a love interest at this time you will have one really soon and it will be one that touches your heart in a deep way. I feel the man will be tall and slender with a mustash , seems like med brown hair and brown eyes. He will be around animals, I see a bull, he may have something to do with a rodeo? At any rate he will lasso your heart and you will wonder no more.

  • Hi Victoria,

    No, Taurus is a wonderful devoted , loyal companion once they know in their heart that you are the one that they love. You also have to know that they can be very stubborn and have to have things flow their way. You have to convience them that your opinion is worth the change of their mind. Romantic and sexy is also a couple of the most wonderful perks you will receive in this relationship.


    I just wanted to let you know about my sons operation that you said you see a 'cross of some sort?' Well it so happens that I had a call from an eye institute (eye hospital) over here that is going to try and help me getting the cornea transplants done FOR FREE!!!!


    Anything else I shd know that you can tell me regarding? This is such a relieve and soooo many people have contacted me to offer their help this is wonderfull - I cry HAPPY TEARS these days!

    Thank you again and will keep you up to date


    South Africa

  • Dear Lov4me

    I feel dear that you need to move on but do leave the door cracked open a bit for this fellow , he may get it together and return . In the meantime , dress yourself in style and go out there with your charm and like bees to honey, caught one that makes you laugh and have fun and brings with him alot of joy.

  • Yolanda,

    Thank you so much for the update, as I read it I just got chills from spirit which is a confirmation of good things to come to you and your son. Please know that I will keep you both in my prayers and feel that you will be letting us know of the wonder of it all that will be happening.

  • Hi Shuabby, I hope I'm not too late, thanks for your kindness, I'm 11/20/65. Anything exciting happening soon? Thanks, or anything in general. Have a Blessed Day! 🙂

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  • Hi Shuabby,

    Do you see anything good happening for me?

  • Thank you shuabby and that is so true because he told me that he is ready to settle down but that he wants to take things slow. He doesnt want to rush into a relationship right now because of a former relationship he had. Thanks again

  • Hello Manafestdreams,

    This is a very wide open question. I sense that you are looking for new adventures in life and one may be to do with you fullfiiling your purpose. Do you want to open a business? If so than begin to educate yourself in the areas of small business and also look into a goverment grant for small business. I like your name of Manafestdreams because that is what you are going to do and complete in 2011. Do not let set backs stop you as you do have the strength to reach you goals. Kevin comes in here as a man that will be of help to you and your purpose.

  • Hi Shuabby,

    I just wanted to ask you about the reading you did for me on the other thread... You said there is someone new coming in, these were your words:

    "Know that you will not be alone and I strongly suggest that you move forward and open your heart to another fellow that will be coming around soon. He feels Southern to me and has the charm to go with it, just a delite to be around. Lucky You "

    Can I ask for more details about this person? I am very curious! When you say Southern, do you mean from South Europe or South America? I live in Australia.... When exactly do you think I will meet this person, what he looks like or anything else you pick up about the meeting or about him? So you believe he is the one I will enter a relationship with?

    Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with us!!!


  • This post is deleted!

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