Scorpio male HELP!!!!!! PLEASE! BRIAN!

  • hello all i see you all discussing about scropios well am a taurus Guy dating another scropio Guy i have known him for a year only over MSN he knew alot about me same with me knew alot bout him but we met last month it was great we went movies and then he had to go on vecation to america for 2 weeks,

    we both live in dubai and both are half english (british) we had planned to book a hotel room once he is back and we did **** was great we went again on a date to the cinema again few days after the hotel we were talking on the phone during his duty on thursday and then decided to do somthing on friday matter fact friday is his family day but he insested to leave his parents later and come and see me,

    well since that day he wudnt respond to my blackberry messages or msn or calling so i emailed him on facebook that i dont understand why u stopped talking or respoding and what is it that stopping u from texting or anything and told him to let me know if he dosnt want me anymore he replyed (dude listen i just need some time right now okay i need to figure some things out i appreciate your concern but right now i need to firgure some stuff out as soon as i firgure it out ill let u know okay ).

    well i dont understand why??????????? i really like him and want to be with him and our match is really good but am confused what do to for now shalli ignore or.... PLEASE HELP!!!!

  • Hi..if I am not mistaken... Brian hasn't been around here on the board for a while so I hope someone else can assist you.

    Being a female Scorpio after reading his response I would say ...just wait. If you start bugging then he is gone. He gave you a honest answer so take it as that.

    Good luck.

    And oh....i have no idea how long that is going to take.

  • you have to give him space and allow him to come to you. If you pester him, it will send him the other way!

    good luck!


    also loook up scorpio man meanings online it will help you i think.

    taurus is astrological opposite of scorpio! Opposites attract huh 😉

  • well i dont know i really like him and i dont wana let him go but he seem to be confused and i we are still at the beggning i dont want the connection to be lost, if u know what i mean....

  • Well..that is not necessary from where I am standing. You can weekly send a hi or something to let him know he still on your mind.

    I have been through the same thing he is going through. In my case I needed to sort out my feelings before even considering something with the person who presented themselves into my life.

    If you manage to be patient you might have a great guy to share your feelings with.

    Good luck.

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