Are you a Left-handed Aquarius ?

  • I was told there might be something special about being a left-handed Aquarian, something to do with access to the other side of the brain. Any one got any thoughts on the matter please reply, thanks Ad2

  • My mom's a redheaded left-hand Aquarius Pisces. My late grandpa (her dad)'s birthday was 2 days after hers! (Mom: Feb. 17, Grandpa: Feb. 19). I don't know whether he'd been left- handed, or right-. She has a violent temper, contradicts herself, but has a fresh mischievous wacky sense of humor like mine but maybe a bit more morbidly off-color. She smokes stubbornly. She's a pessimist and attracts all this crappy luck but at least has a good sense of humor as a survival tool. She's moody & ignorant of health and high-spirituality but has some spiritual knowledge & beliefs. In recent years she finally told me she had domestic ghost encounters, but my kid brother & I never did. He's another Aquarius (January 24th, just like another brother I have from my dad whose exactly 10 years older than him-- they never met each other! I don't know if they're left-handed.) Mom's creative & rebellious-- I inherited her creativity!

  • hi"ad2" i m left handed aquarius, i feel very close to my feeling, left handed people are more emotional and connected to their feeling,

    right handed people seem to be more able to follow the rule, accept society rules

    left handed people follow their heart and intuition

    i asked myself long ago if there were a reason why in many society they force children to be right hand then left handed

    i think there is a reason for it in my view

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