A True Sign That I'm on the Right Path

  • I have been very interested in learning tarot. I've purchased many books and am reading them all in bits and pieces. The first book that I read said that as you learn and absorb tarot understanding, you'll likely be drawn to a card or cards. My card is the Eight of Swords. I identify with the woman bound to the swords, dammed if you do, and dammed if you don't.

    My life is in that mode now, but like the card reflects, I DO know what to do to change it, I just am not ready to make that change. So, I remain still, motionless and bound. And ready to change when the opportunity presents itself in a manner that I do not get hurt further.

    I have begun to read one card a night for myself, just one. I write my question, then the card I turn, then, I write how I interpreted the answer. I also have started a big book of reference for each card as a guide and ultimate source for myself. The questions I have asked have been answered by cards that have played out true to their meanings. And, I feel "open" to the positive energies that the cards are teaching me to be aware of when situations arise.

    Since my birthday was the next day, two days ago, my question was not really a question at all. Rather, I asked guidance, or some sort of acknowledgment that I am on the right path with my life. I asked for something (a card) that I could understand, (since I am so new to tarot.)

    I shuffled the desk, many times, top to bottom, flipping the cards over (head to toe), many, many many times over. Then, I cut the cards. I turned up one card and it was the Eight of Swords.

    I yelled for my daughter to come here and look at the card on the bed, and even asked her to take a picture of it.

    It was a wash of pure divine light that I felt shine inside of me. Yes, I am in the position of the Eight of Swords in my life, and, this is the card that at the very first glance when first seeing the tarot deck... I felt was me. And now, it was staring me in the face. Remember, I shuffled the cards for at least a good five minutes. So this was not an accident.

    I wanted to share this wonderful event in my tarot beginning. I know that a divine light does live within me, and tarot is a real sign that it truly does exist. Things are given and shown to us when we are ready for them in our lives. I had to wait until I turned 53 to finally "see the light."

    What a gift.

    I welcome your thoughts, and hope that many respond to this post.

    Thank you.


  • You're certainly on the right track.

    And yes, it's amazing and humbling when one "gets" just how powerful and accurate The Universe is working through the deck.

    I remember being at a Tarot Symposium many years ago in San Fran. I was attending one of the seminars and the leader fanned out the deck and started asking random people to pick a card and I was chosen.

    I was in the process of falling in love at the time and wouldn't you know it, I drew the Two of Cups! I about fell over.

    However, it is only after one gets over one's astonishment that Tarot really "works", that one is freed to really begin the journey down the Royal Road of Tarot.

    Am so happy you're on that road, and excited and exuberant. You're obviously ready for it.


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