How patient do you have to be?

  • I'm a relationship kind of girl, I've been througgh all the bad things you could possibly go through concerning relationships; I've been cheated on, lied to, hurt, belittled, critized, verbally abused, made to feel insecure etc. And this is all in one relationship!!! I went through a period of depression, just for a about a month, after our break up and I took a break from everything just to focus on me, and get back into the grove of me. Reconnected with myself, and it's been eight long months now, no sex, no affection, no anything. And as I stated before I'm a relationship kind of girl, and I'm ready to get back out there and find something stable, but all of my attempts have failed. No guy seems to be different, it's all the same thing, sex, sex, sex. All I want to know is how do you stay patient enough to stay sane from your disire to obtain the one the thing that eludes you?

  • Hello " Virgovirtuosity" the answer is you dont have to be patient at all or be impatient for that matter, Yes there are a lot men out there right now that has simply nothing to give

    So many women things it's they job to be patient, to wait for the change, to wait to recognise

    the trust is we dont have too

    men can give us what we want if we know what we want

    be true to yourself and communicate your need and hopes with that man

    when we pull up with their mess they dont change and we dont get happier

    it seem to me before you want to be one someone else in your life, it seem you need to learn about you first, make yourself happy, be in a point in your life that you feel you dont need to be in relationship

    never mind who you get involved with, it;s never about the other person it;s always about us

    take in charge of your life and happiness and give yourself what you are trying to found with other

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