Fabulous but lonely..a reading would be great!

  • hey folks - looking for a reading surrounding my romantic pursuits,

    I've been alone all of my adult life which is beginning to grate. MY reiki instructor reckons i will have two proper loves to come but doesn't seem to want to say more than that! She also seemed to think a foreign country would be involved - one i can't afford to travel to!

    Can anyone provide any timescales for me - so i can sit back and relax about it a little. I'm such a great person with loads to offer and it seems a shame i am being wasted sitting alone in my flat night after night. 😞

    plus - can anyone see any canine companions in my reading? I am absolutely desperate for a puppy but can't get one just now.

    Again - what i'm mainly after is timescales. Particularly of interest is the next month.

    Fab if you can help! thanks


  • hi there

    just wondered if I could get a reading from someone? I'd be extremely grateful!!

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