Some help please with a really weird feeling I got today

  • Hi all - I just need an opinion on this if anyone can help. I do have premonitions and premonitory dreams. Usually I don't reconize them until the event happens. I have have dreams about places and later found myself in that place and find myself remebering the dream and knowing exactly where things are in a place. Sometimes I get "pictures" if you call them that in my head about events - but usually I cannot place them - especially if I feel it has to do with myself - I have, however, tried to tune into things that might be warnings. I have found a few specific people that I am very empathetic /intuitive with. I know what they are feeling and I get little bits of information - usually like a little film clip in my head. I had something really weird happen yesterday and I need to run it by some of the experts here.

    I had recently discussed reimbursement and payment with my friend who I did a little work for on a website. I asked him not to send me a check because I needed to get a post office box and I did not want my divorcing husband to see the envelope and get suspiscious. (Okay my husband is also a control freak). I said I would total it all up and get back to him and when we met someplace that had wi-fi to work on this he could just pay me then.

    So yesterday I go home and pull this envelope out of the mail with his return address on it.

    I immediately went cold. The minute I touched it, before I even opened it or read it, the hair on the back of my neck stood up. AT first I didn't notice the nhandwriting, but then, I wasn't sure if the handwriting on the envelope was his. Inside was a small check and a copy of the invoice for the last domain that I had renewed. A copy of the invoice had gone to his business email - with my name and my business name on it. That wasn't the problem. The problem was that the check was written out in the same handwriting as the envelope and his name was signed in the same handwriting. AT this point I knew that the handwriting was not his as it had a left handed slant to it and was more feminine. I am assuming that it is his girlfriend and maybe he asked her to write out the checks. I don't know. I know that I never felt right signing my husband's name on a check - even for the pizza guy. I always felt like it was wrong - but he would fill it all out and I would just fill in the amount and try to sign his name. The thing is is that his girlfirend is a very jealous controlling person. He already had issues with his ex-wife embezzling money from his company when she was a business partner with him ( this sort of led to their divorce). I am wondering if I am sensing that he is getting into the same situation with this woman or something else. I don't feel good about this envelope and the check ( I am sure the check is good - for some reason it just gives me the creeps) - It's also odd because he agreed not to send me a check.

    Is it just that my morals are telling me that it's wrong to sign someone's name on a check (forgery) or do you think I might be picking up something else. I did leave a message asking him if he meant to send the check after we discussed not sending it in the mail. I haven't heard back yet. thanks!

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