Aries Dating A Cancer...

  • First I should say, WOW this forum is amazing! I have been looking for an active tarot/astrology forum like this for a while now and am excited to have found it. I look forward to lots of fun reading in my future.

    I have been dating a Cancer for several weeks now and after everything I have read about Aries/Cancer combinations I am shocked at how amazing and perfect things are with us... and so yes, part of me is waiting for the other shoe to drop... For me to get bored or for him to retreat into his shell... but part of me is starting to wonder if maybe... just maybe... it could work out long term.

    I don't know his rising sign for SURE (I was bold and asked what time he was born and he said "I think it is [time]" but that isn't a for sure thing) but based on what he told me he is Cancer with Capricorn rising.

    I am Aries with Cancer rising, Mars in Capricorn, Venus in Aquarius, Mercury in Aries and Moon in Pisces.

    I have always thought I would do great with another fire sign... especially a Leo... and I would guess that match up would be easy as pie... but the "likes a challenge" part of me just can't get enough of my current Cancer! I have a strong, unwavering (albeit sometimes annoying) need to be desired by my guy. I usually call sex a success not based on my enjoyment outcome (although I am not a martyr either! 😉 but on my ability to turn the guy into a stammering pile of goo who is drooling with desire over me.

    So my reserved Cancer is the perfect challenge! I will assault him with affection and attention and attentive listening and everything else I can muster to make him feel like he is the only guy on earth I care about (which is true for me right now) and he will receive it with appreciation but in a reserved way... Then at some point he will snap briefly and POW! he will draw me in and kiss me so tightly and passionately that when we come up for air my head is spinning and I don't know my own name.

    I just FRICKEN LOVE THAT. It is the intensity I desire, with the mission accomplished challenge I love and it doesn't happen often enough that I get bored. 😉 So here I am, with no clue if it will work out or not but excited about the prospect all the same... and if it doesn't, well everyone said it was a bad idea to begin with. 😉

    Any good success stories out there? Are you married to (or in a long term relationship) with someone who based just on sun signs you shouldn't be with?

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